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  1. May be a problem in the BIOS chip?? if you can give the download link
  2. Yes, my board is rev 1.1 too, my board is no problems with flashing to F7 bios. Where did you get a FAA beta bios? Unfortunately I have not tried to modify the vcore.
  3. I think external L2 cache limit overcklock... recently I bought a Intel VC820 board (Slot1, i820 and RDRAM) ohhh... yummy!
  4. Unfortunately mobo can only 115MHz FSB-( and I don't have a module to change multiplier.. But I'm waiting for a TNT2 + 5.5ns RAM.
  5. Guys, why reinvent the wheel again?
  6. /Didnt expect that your backup is that good Gumanoid!/ Yeah, it so close. CPU can better, but my mobo can't 126Mhz Fsb already unstable...
  7. /Maybe he just got a good voltage regulator on mobo and good caps for the Vcore regulator...? / I don't think so... K6 is not too dependent on VR.
  8. /Strunkenbold ran his 550+ at 660 on air with just 2.4V/ Very very nice sample!
  9. /2.8V. Need cold for more/ WOW!! I have K6-2+ 550, but my CPU not stable with only 2.3V on air, K6-III+ 400 stable only 2.4V on air... You have very strong CPU.
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