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  1. F1 EE $100 shipped usa Venom with threaded holes $175 shipped usa
  2. Funny card! Can run Full pot but loading screens between tests needs -139 so I use my torch alot . The memory on this card is just crazy 😲
  3. awesome prices good luck with sale
  4. Alex just disable the 2.9 points you are getting for this and you can literally murder small children with no punishment if you choose that box
  5. ditch cat IMO can we have ANY current hardware stages though pretty please?
  6. Hey guys so even if you dont alter the bclk directly you can have skew on the timer with ryzen in win10. Im seeing 99.8* to 100.4* in cpuz depending on the boot and temp on ln2 it swings a lot. Scoring is not accurate. So if you are me now, what do you do when you are using bench-mate and getting second place to someone that is not using it? Does this mean on boards that dont have external bclk generators can also have skewing? will test on aqua which does not have external generator.
  7. Hedt 3dmark01 Firestrike ultra no nvidia Pifast for benchmate
  8. Stages are a joke. Have fun guys I'm out. Edit: this came off harsher than I meant my bad
  9. Thanks @Leeghoofd and old school benchers at ocn. The real mvps.
  10. Nice result. Please disable points use benchmate or use windows 7.
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