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  1. maybe he will forget to rebuy the domain and someone that gives a shit can take it over
  2. try 12 12 12 12 or 12 12 12 11 ram timings can be funny, but its also what makes them fun to play with. lower not always better
  3. whats wrong with the mocf I maybe interested
  4. Splave

    [FS] i3-7350k

    I needed a quick sale. My dogs liver is failing and becoming expensive.
  5. You can try playing with csm settings in the bios ( long shot) or boot mode maybe your windows 10 needs uefi not legacy mode?
  6. Splave

    FS: 7350K

    SOLD thanks
  7. Splave

    FS: 7350K

    $125 + $8 USA shipping + $25 international
  8. Splave

    FS: 7350K

    no just some wearing from IHS sliding little bit when mounting
  9. please donate to my patreon https://tinyurl.com/SplavePatreon
  10. Albrecht get in here there are hackers all over this thread!
  11. Splave

    FS: 7350K

    5000mhz 1.29vcore on MOCF and cache at 47x normal Tim normal water cooling. Ihs has a scratch or two see pic. $150 + $8 USA shipping + $25 international Would consider trade for good a2 bdie
  12. Def salty not sure about the pepper 🤓 🤓
  13. Some users are now having their submissions flagged for using benchmate. Sigh.....What has this all become
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