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  1. will licence you my photo rights for 350NTD do we have a deal?
  2. I would like to learn more about the: Zen Perfboost : https://bit.ly/2kBs15c (After loading CineBench R15 or Geekbench3 bench then run the boost, just click defaults button after benching to prevent bsod) thanks!
  3. Well he has no interest in it and it continues to run either he's the world's worst investor or it's generating income. Some sponsorship has left but the biggest one still pays.
  4. Well surely we've convinced him to stay now, thanks chaps 🙈🙉🙊
  5. No idea what any of this has to do with this thread. We are paying our respects to the current hardest working mod. (Which you took the effort to write paragraphs about how you can't even tell he's done any work at all.) Appreciate the negativity though! 💩💩💩
  6. Agreed he does nothing at all. /Thread
  7. In on five star thread 👻👻👻 Alby put on the speed metal and power through like only you know how. Hate to see what happens to this place if you did leave.
  8. in the last hour, 10 new members have joined. have you guys ever checked the new activity feed?
  9. With this logic should there be no laws just because most people are good people?
  10. I bench every day and when I'm not I'm thinking about it. Is that sad? Some may think it is but I I'm quite happy with it. When I'm not having fun I'll quit. I think that there used to be more of a wow factor in a way and it wasn't so much for hwbot points. Guess that drove to help each other hit big numbers in Xtreme systems threads etc. For instance the copy wazza thread on Xtreme systems and OCX where everyone collaborated and tested together instead of I found a tweak look how great it is, no I won't tell you it kind of like what we have now. The other angle is manufacturer's kind of stepped in and had their way with the place and once they got us pregnant they hit the road so to speak. I remember if you had an ln2 Dewar you could get free gear as easy as an email and most of the time they found you. Now a lot of elite level guys can't even get their mobo rmad as a favor. The battle changed a bit when it went from user a vs user b in a friendly fight to Asus vs gigabyte. I'm guilty of this also especially lately I've gone down the wrong path a bit. I have had the attitude of here are my six friends f the rest of them. I apologize for that, and going forward will be a better diplomat of overclocking. Helping others won't hurt ourselves as much as we might think. I hope benchmate can maybe spark some new blood that are maybe intimidated by the rules etc to join and once they are on the scoreboard they will get hooked. Here's to the future of OC!
  11. benchmate would say guarded by benchmate in the title of the program so it doesnt seem you are running benchmate at all?
  12. you are not alone man, this is for the greater good.
  13. one of the best in the business, been reading your reviews since I was first getting into OC
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