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  1. So the debate on bigblocks dual core r15 using benchmate being legit or not and where to put it I played with it myself. 12 runs for each scenario. As you can see benchmate makes a better average while maintaining the same max! Slot machine time maybe coming to an end! The realtime issue occured for me as well. It scored very high using it 1132-1133 but was marked invalid when I saved. Depending on what is done for realtime or if it's able to be solved we shall see but this certainly is more consistent without exceeding the previous max without benchmate.
  2. Splave

    Hailea HC500A

    Have one of these myself, love it good luck with sale
  3. Are we? I dont know who "we" is anymore. Can we? for sure that is the entire point of benchmate.
  4. Do you see what's happening though? Then this becomes oh well what do we do with the old results on ryzen 3. Well let's leave them and only enforce going forward. Then some results are held to stricter standards than others. We need to move forward on this not sit on our thumbs. Imo remove submission options to sub ryzen 3 at all then unless it's windows 7 like every other platform that has the issue. If someone goes back and uses windows 10 and takes all the 4700k gold medals I'm pretty sure those would be removed as well. If they are allowed to sub all 4700k golds in windows 10 but use the remove points option the guy who has legit subs gets screwed with second place points. That's what's going on with global 12 core scores currently and will happen with 16 core in a month. Easy fix enforce benchmate. Give them legit points with legit proven results. Just because some benchmarks aren't supported is no reason to delay starting.
  5. Now is the time. 16 core and new 12 core cpus coming soon from AMD and then new thread ripper.... This is the time to start fresh. Benchmate should be require if using windows 10 simple. No more points disabled nonsense (that doesnt even work). Points should be enabled! If the score is not benchmate in windows 10 it should be flushed. Benchmate category should removed and the results should go directly into the REAL category. If it remains the way it is now, there is no point in even competing. A possible insecure score even if not getting points is pushing scores that are proven secure to go down in rank. Removing scores that are not benchmate and enabling points fixes this issue directly. If rich is not available as it seems (lol), then atleast require benchmate with screenshot style until api can be accessed for direct submission. TLDR: Enable points for AMD on windows 10 using benchmate Allow benchmate to submit directly to the REAL categories. Rankings are fixed by doing so and AMD users are allowed to submit freely with points.
  6. RTX Titan for sale retail box. Port Royal World record card. Power limits gone, vGPU trimmer mod, no OCP/OVP, voltage read LED, removable plasti dip coating https://www.3dmark.com/hall-of-fame-2/port+royal+3dmark+score+performance+preset/version+1.0/1+gpu 2520/2125 full pot ln2, card also works perfectly on water in this condition $2400 shipped usa
  7. ^ what he said Attached the difference on 7980x of proper windows version boost 😜 I appreciate your openness to discuss results that you think are flawed though. That is the only way the system can work.
  8. Hey bad ass water ac chiller going to get you better temps than a SS in the price range you are looking and hold much better load capacity wise. you could build it into a cooler on wheels or something.
  9. not worth it. $10 worth of artists eraser all you will need. Peel off and reuse when done. you wont want to sit next to a vacuum pump that's constantly running. also I think PSU should not be getting that cold or could have some issues. Elmor did a nitrogen gas purge system at computex with the idea of little to no H in the system so no H2O can form.
  10. Sounds like we have found light at the end of the tunnel
  11. Here is j bios sorry I thought I posted already https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-CbRBdHRKJ0L6NjIhWs-ebqgr_9XEI-g/view?usp=drivesdk
  12. Wasting your time man. A guy with the mindset that geek bench integrated into bench mate could cause someone to lose files then sue him is not someone we are interested involved here. I didn't know that NASA was running geekbench at mission control and may cause communication from the international space station to lose contact. He secured your benchmark for free and broadened your market. Why don't you fire your "crack staff" and hire him instead. Maybe benchmate should just use the open source computing formulas to make their own. Edsger Wybe Dijkstra is rolling over in his grave right now.
  13. I'll try some more. Very fun no pressure benching in my home ftw
  14. what do we do about the special older version of geek 3 that scores higher if we are required to run some new one that has more security and scores in line with the latest versions. Asking for you guys because it just locks my scores in so why do I care?
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