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  1. Sure looks far less CPU dependent than 3D Mark Vantage Predator.
  2. What's wrong with having all benchmarks onboard and points being awarded for every preset ?
  3. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?116886-PCMark04-fix-for-Conroe-post-if-interested
  4. You need to be fast. Hit the button while the previous test is in de-initialization status.
  5. You can use my method as well. On the fly priority change using a program ( Launch & Set affinity it's called if I remember correctly ), or a batch file. I think I mentioned how here & on XS.org forums as well ( also included a video )
  6. @Sam OCX: Asus doesn't support this site, but takes every step to "mess" with it. Do you really think eVGA asked Vince to ask for 3D Mark11 to be added to the point system ?! Perhaps they also asked all the benchers here asking for it to be added to do that as well ?
  7. If you are up for interesting benchmarks, then anything but SuperPi 32M, 3D Mark2001SE and AquaMark 3 shouldn't be included here. As none of them are actually "tweakable".
  8. I just re-run a lot of game tests ( non-synthetic ) at 1000MHz-1350MHz like I did for the review back when the 5870 was the top dog. Every single test matches the exact min-avg-max framerates from my initial tests. I can match the score with any matching hardware combination on hwbot on every single benchmark ( including 3D Mark11 ).
  9. Single GPU & dual-GPU ( not sure about the 2nd one ) is CPU-unaffected, and the fact that a multi-CPU config has a slight advantage in 4-way SLI/CF doesn't obstruct us from getting pts from the benchmark, especially since most of the points come from the single GPU race ( not many people can afford to have 4 GTX 580s anyway, let the WR points be for those who can ). About Unigine and ATi. I ran a few tests with my revived ( don't ask how, it just came back to life ) 5870 Super Overclock. The 1021 score was obtained with the 980X @ 4G, and the card on air cooling at 965MHz GPU / 1300MHz MEM. A few days ago, I gave it another try with the card on LN2 and a 5.2G Sandy Bridge ( same drivers, OS, etc ) at 1300MHz GPU & 1350MHz MEM it would come up with... X911, X997, X1011. at 1350MHz GPU & 1300MHz MEM... X947, X902, X1010. Why how, and wtf. I don't know. All the other benchmarks were consistent and where they should be ( in respect to the CPU & GPU/MEM clocks ), so we can't blame the hardware.
  10. Let the people have their own choice in which benchmarks they will run. Like Vince said, 3D Mark11 is a "I got no gold CPU" guy helper, and that is a good thing. Good VGAs come much easier than gold CPUs, and 3-4 way SLI/CF is also a good practice/challenge for a bencher ( cooling-wise ), and easier to have a decent go at, since it's easier to find 3-4 VGAs that run at 1200-1250 than finding one that hits 1500+ or a 6.5GHz+ 3D 980/990X or 5.9G Sandy. GL, HW, and WR points for every benchmark is a good step forward as I see it. By the way, am I the only one who sees Heaven as inconsistent as MaxxMEM is ? The scores are all over the place.
  11. That's a very crappy score. If it ain't 137k it ain't ok Don't think we'll ever get to see your 137k backup Vince since no-one will even touch your current score dude
  12. It only affects 3D Mark Vantage for starters. And then, you can easily tell by the CPU score. If you see a 4GHz i7 920 with a 60k+ CPU score, it's PhysX. You have a "baseline" of what you get with a CPU on various MHz. Just a quick look at the scoreboard and you'll have a relatively absolute formula to check the scores. PhysX scores are very obvious.
  13. 107 ain't high however. 150 is But it's not what it's about
  14. Then toss him a few bottles of Vodka and there you go
  15. In normal runs, ( with some cards, with some other cards it's slower than XP ) under Win7 Nature gets a boost ( not 200+ fps though ) and the GT2 & GT3 tests drop down a bit. That's a normal run. But having a Nature or any other subtest score like a GTX 580 @ 1100MHz with a GTS 250 or a 8800GT 512MB then something is very wrong there ( bugged run due to anything, could be that the driver crapped out, could be borderline CPU or VGA stability, software crap out, etc )
  16. What was your score with the gts 250 @ 3Dm03 @ Win7 ?
  17. LOL, 1150 3D Mark11 on air ? Sounds a bit too hard to believe. Draco probably forgot to change the cooling type when submitting the score I guess
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