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  1. I get highs & lows on 3Dm11 physics on all 3 platforms ( X58 + 9X0X, Z68+2600K, X79+3960X ). Without changing any settings at all. It's like a hit & miss if you ask me Edit: Don't remember which version I've been running, but I could score high & low within the same session, same OS setup, same everything.
  2. Nice background. Perhaps a background from Brokeback Mountain may enhance your efficiency a bit
  3. Just warming upĀ® ( I can't express how much I like how this short sentence upsets some specific people ) I had some LN2 to spare, so I went ahead, vaselined a few graphics cards ( including this reference 480 ) and gave them a quick shot to see how they fare, which ones are worth getting the dewars filled and which simply don't clock any good. Think I found a decent 8800GT 512MB and a 8800GTS 512MB This GTX 480 also seems to have some cool beans in it, nearly completed a 1250MHz Vantage Performance run with the last few LN2 drops ( crashed near the end of GT2 because the temp went below 160C )
  4. If you're a computer & gaming forums freak I'm fairly sure that you've seen people asking if buying a faster memory ( RAM ) kit will give them more fps in their favorite games, others asking how to overclock their Sandy Bridge 2500K to 5GHz for 24/7 usage in order to "remove" the bottleneck placed by the CPU and to "unleash" their graphics card's performance beast. Not to forget the infamous "HyperThreading myth", I'm pretty sure that you've seen people claiming that you should disable Intel's HyperThreading if you game because you're losing some performance, etc etc. I've seen every little thing mentioned as a "game changer" without any facts, no proof, no testing done, nothing, just claims from various users on various forums. I think it's time to find a crazy person to spend a few hours ( like 250 hours of testing ) to put everything to the test: CPU Frequency with a single-GPU/VGA CPU Frequency with a multi-GPU setup/VGA CPU UnCore/NB Frequency Memory Frequency PCI-Express BUS Frequency HyperThreading: Enabled vs Disabled BCLK: Stock vs Higher ( same CPU, UnCore, RAM, etc clocks ) Sound Card: On-board vs Add-on etc etc That's what I did I used a couple of VGAs, CPUs, RAMs, Motherboards, Sound Cards, and games & game benchmarks in various frequencies, timings, etc. What you get is... a 23 page article with some basic theory, ideas, and lots of test results. If you're a gamer you REALLY NEED to read this, not tomorrow, NOW! ( don't worry, it won't disappear, you can read it tomorrow, and the day after that, and the next day ) So... grab a cup of coffee or your favorite energy drink, and read the article now by clicking... here p.s. Yes, the link says Part 1, there will be a 2nd part, can't tell you when though ( because I don't know when it will be ready )
  5. I believe Kenny's about not allowing the very expensive CPUs in the enthusiast league, aka Intel Extreme Editions aka 980X/990X/3960X
  6. You should get a 2600K and a single stage Kenny. Pre-testing issues solved.
  7. Preview = a short preliminary view of a product Review = a thorough evaluation of a product Over-reacting much ? Can't wait to see how you'd react if I had a flashy pre-title like "World exclusive" that some sites use on various stuff even if there are like 10 sites with the same news/stuff at the very same day Only if you use your web banking credentials
  8. Hello everybody! Long time, no "see". How are you doing ? Hope all is well over there. Let's start November ( OMG, the winter's coming, nooooo! ) with a preview of the newest flagship processor of AMD's Bulldozer series, the FX-8150! In this preview we'll take a look at the specifications of the new processor and its performance in various tasks on Ubuntu 11.10 x64 Linux. We might release another preview covering some basic applications & benchmarks on Windows 7 before we release the full review ( 100's of benchmarks, lots of pages, architecture analysis, feature & future looks, etc etc ). Apart from the text, charts and comments, you'll also be able to view 2 videos we took using the AMD FX-8150 processor, a video that was taken during our measurements, and an extreme overclocking video in which we insulate the motherboard, overclock the processor using liquid nitrogen ( LN2 ) and run various benchmarks like 3D Mark Vantage, SuperPi, wPrime, etc etc. Check out the preview now!
  9. You bought BF3 yet Albrecht ? Been long time since I kicked your butt in BFBC2. I "Intended" to play some BF3 yesterday, "gets the eVGA out of the closet... presses the power button... nothing happens.not working at all. Inspection = dead DrMOS" Wanted to play some this morning... cleans the Gene-Z from vaseline... power button... nada! Nothing! WTF. Several minutes later, magnifying glass inspection, momentarily I see something in the 2nd PCIe slot... let's check it out... eek! a pin is out in the air in the slot, contacting the opposite pin causing a short-circuit. How did that happen ? I've got no clue. Didn't have any card in that slot lately, neither did something to the slot the last 3 days. At least it was fixable
  10. Damn, that reminds me that I forgot to upload the 3D Mark01 SE bugged score... 66666 marks with the card at 666MHz/666MHz Score's abnormal for the clocks. Been thinking that it's the BIOS's fault. Gonna have to make sure tomorrow or the day after, I plan to test all the MIVG-Z BIOSes to see what's what.
  11. here's the ORB validation for this run from Crio: http://3dmark.com/3dm06/16166164 [ he's using my keys as part of my crew ]
  12. Most marketing guys & girls know sh1t when it comes to computers other than the Windows Start Menu, MS Word, some Excel and lots of PowerPoint
  13. Various benchmarks ( CineBench, 3D Mark11, etc ) from Macci & SF3D @ 6.5GHz++
  14. Calathea Since you're bothered with the BD NAMEGT, could you please run some more benchmarks as high as you can ? Just curious about its performance in the rest 2D & 3D benchmarks. Thank you
  15. Usually I don't bash sites even if they are crappy and not just biased, but corrupted and evil, but sorry Hardware"Heaven" is probably lying somewhere under the bottom of a shithole
  16. Pretty close to that 5.9G target of yours Allen Bench it hard, don't break it however. Enjoy & keep up the good work man
  17. Thanks Al. I guess we can safely assume that if an alien civilization comes and takes all the women from earth, I'd build a love nest with 2001SE for sho
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