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  1. No no no! I don't wanna lose my boints, GF's going to complain, or even leave me!
  2. Find a little better CPU and I'll make you a rich man by buying your golden CPU
  3. *puts on his serious hat* Gentlemen, First off, I don't get why some people get offensive & some defensive when the words "Pro OC league" appear... A lot of people say "I don't care about my rank" but if you change their rank ( not necessarily by switching them into another league, hypothetically even just by editing the rank in the database ) and lower it by 100 spots, the next second they'll start whining. So, some people need to clear their minds, do they care about their rank or not. On-topic now. I'm with knopflerbruce & Marc on this, with the following criteria only of course: Having the opportunity to somehow ( how you do it doesn't matter, as long as the hardware to bin from comes for free, whether you keep all of them, or you keep the best 1-2-3-4-5 of them, for free or paying the normal rate they go on the shelves for ) test XXX amount of 3770Ks or 7970 Lightnings for free and then keep the good one ( or a few good ones ) for free or by paying only for the keepers and at a normal or reasonable price ( no, 3000$+ for a 3770K ain't reasonable, nor normal ) then they should be on the Pro OC League, willingly by preference or forcibly in the end. If somebody has got the money to buy 100s of CPUs and VGAs from retailers, then he is free to choose whichever league he desires, it's his money, his motives, his work. That's something everyone can do ( assuming that they have the money to do it ) Having a shop/distributor/whatever giving you hundreds or even 20-50 pieces to bin isn't something everyone can do, how many people are doing that ? Like 10 globally ? Maybe 20 ? If it's more than 20, then it must be pretty simple, would you guys mind sharing your technique on cutting a deal with a shop ? Catch phrase maybe ? In essence: Binning 100s of CPUs and/or VGAs with your own money, buying all of them from shops = ok, any league Binning 100s of CPUs and/or VGAs without paying for them, but only pay for the ones you keep or even getting those for free = Pro OC League
  4. PM Massman in case this thread doesn't get any attention the next 24-48 hours.
  5. Nice one Looks like somebody's a GoldenHand. Awesome retail man, start 3Ding now
  6. Gave two E1 E.S. just... 2.08Vcore, both are alive and kickin' PLL down to 1.7V ( none of the two worked below 1.7Vpll ), and up to 1.925V ( none of the two POSTed above that value, debug 00 if I recall correctly on the MIVGZ ) Vimc up to 1.25V The better of the would hit 6.5GHz for validation if only I'd given it 2.1V - 2.125V but I didn't, felt sorry about it Can't wait to receive my first retails ( I have a good feeling )
  7. Like the title says, anybody care to move me to the pro oc league ? kthxbai huv a gud knight.
  8. A UD3H. I remember hearing something about a bug, but I couldn't remember what it was and if it was about that specific model. Tried a few BIOSes I found online with a quick search, F3, F5, F7, F8d, F8e, with no success ( although with the F8e things were clearly better compared to the rest ). LN2 was going to waste, didn't have enough anyway, so I decided to give it a go with the Z68. Can you also convince the BIOS devs to put the most crucial OC settings in the same page similar to Asus' AI Tweaker page ? BCLK, Voltages, Clock Skews, CPU Ratio/s should be in the same page and not in different submenus ( I know I'm not an easy person to get along with, I like things complex yet easily accessible though )
  9. Not a bad start at all indeed. Wish I had bought more LN2 though, just right after the good things started to happen the LN2 dewar was almost over ( if I didn't try the CPUs on the Gigabutt board I'd have a lot of scores on the Gene-Z ). Retail chips testing starts soon, so, hopefully I'll have something better or much better soon
  10. Submitting a score with no points "disables" the global points from the 2nd best score of the user ( the best score with the "I want points for this submission" ). Fix needed IMHO.
  11. 2GHz ? Sure. How many tequila shots did they have before saying that ? 1.4GHz with proper cooling & voltage is more than possible. But 2GHz ? Yeah right.
  12. GPU-z error man. 256bit * 7326MHz / 8 = 234.432GB/s not 400+ as GPU-z erroneously reported
  13. ROFLMAO. Almost as good as me trolling dudes on chatroulette using my ex's video
  14. Check the database for the batch to find the owner
  15. You just have to run it a gazillion times, 3/15 runs run normally, and score pretty good
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