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  1. Yeap. Currently fixing some PCs and modding & pretesting a few VGAs for a future ( near future hopefully ) LN2 session.
  2. I agree Sergio, none of the SB chips I tested here worked any higher than they did on air testing. Cold or hot, same max working multiplier.
  3. Thanks man It's been a while since I last had some tweak-pushing-worthy hardware. Can't wait to get back ( temporarily ) to my place, I already miss benching my Sandy Beach Might come up with some nice scores if Maaddaawg's untested 2600K does well this Thursday. Be sure to check Maaddaawg's submissions, we shall bench together this week
  4. I believe Alex was under the influence of the burgers. Unless I am the only one who thinks that you cannot see a car in the Nature test Test order for this run was: N-CH-DL-LH-CL-DH-LL I was clicking & typing, taking care of the hardest task ever ( controlling a sandy bridge @ -45C that is ) [ pouring like a mad man... ], and Alex or Sofos was "controlling" the VGA's temp ( controlling in a very... out of control way I may add )
  5. nope, I was in a rush ( night prior to early morning flight benching )... plus I had two scumbags here with me ( AMDnord & sofos1990 ) and 4 cards to mod & test, so everything was done in a hurry. nord was acting silly too, me and sofos have some burnmarks
  6. K|ngp|n's tek-9 fat ( newborn*, not the older one, which would've been even better ) [ *not the coming soon refresh of course ]
  7. 2.13Vmem. Maybe it's the card's fault ? I'm not sure what's the cause, but most of the runs I did were not where they supposed to be ( score-wise ). I'll have to check again when I get back.
  8. nah, it's just ok. dunno wtf was wrong with my nature runs today. the previous week, with the same cpu clock, same drivers, same os ( norton ghosted ), lower vga clocks, same basic tweaking, I could nail 1821fps nature @ 1300 GPU and 1830 @ 1350 and a tad vmem upclocking, but today I couldn't even hit the 1821fps at any GPU clock give or take I have at least 1000pts to squeeze out of it at the same clocks
  9. Sandy Bridge 2600K, same hardware config & settings, various operating systems & wPrime v1.55 - 1024m test: WinXP x86 = 191.14s WinVista x86 = 216.858s WinVista x64 = 217.112s Win7 x86 = 215.949s Win7 x64 = 216.052s ...
  10. 100 score submission tabs open, and a javascript to submit all simultaneously
  11. Perhaps due to the sad scamming event ( MM has scammed several people as far as I remember from what I've read on XS in the past 2 years or so )
  12. Hey man, I had the same issues some years ago when I was reviewing a Gigabyte Radeon HD 2600XT. I too had problems from 857MHz and on, until I figured something out. If you try to go to 900MHz directly from 850MHz it shall work. To go as high as possible, use AMD GPU Clock tool ( http://www.benchzone.com/Downloads/AMD_GPU_Clock_Tool_v0_7_Setup.exe ) and go from 850MHz to 900MHz, and then go as usual in any steps that you like. With AMD GPU Clock Tool and sufficient cooling ( a swiftech mcx-159cu chipset cooler ) I managed to clock it at 1050MHz+ as you can see here Have fun
  13. If the seller doesn't care about his reputation, he can easily slip away with such a crime. He may send you another CPU, and once you're stuck at 5700ish for example instead of 5850 he might say anything to you, hey you're not tweaking the BIOS right, hey, you need to try it on X mobo, perhaps your pot isn't making good contact with the CPU, oh, you gave it too much voltage and degraded it. etc etc
  14. The newer batches ( L11x & 31x ) seem to be doing better constantly, at least most of them do 5350+
  15. PCM7 is nice, plus the 3 loops make it harder to keep in control when running on borderline stability.
  16. Pieter you made an oops , L116B960: you wrote 5684 while it's 5864
  17. [off-topic] The thermal paste argument... well, don't know what to say. I'd like to do some proper tests ( milled CPU IHS, but that would require the help of Intel for example, I don't want to mill the surface of the IHS ) with monitoring of 3 spots ( pot base, CPU in IHS temp, and paste temp ( some excess on the side of the cpu )), but I don't think I can get to that anytime soon. However, I used to use Ceramique always, and had some nice clocks, like 6.5GHz AQ3 with my 3005F 980X, 1400MHz @ GTX 480, 950 @ 5.6GHz+, 5870 @ 1450MHz ). Now, I can't tell if any of those chips can do better with another thermal paste, they're all dead or sold
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