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  1. Damnit. You're right - I simply missed the "BE" and only looked for 1075T... :( Sorry guys...
  2. 1075T definitely exists. I reviewed one by myself in 2010: AMD Phenom II X6 1075T @ Planet 3DNow! (September 2010) I don't have this cpu anymore so I only can help with proof of existence... :)
  3. Fortunately this CPU is still in the hands of someone who can make proper use of it. As far as I know Boris had a long wait to use it in a Country-/Team-Cup someday. So the least I/we could do was to give it a shot in this years cup. Even it was cascade only due to the lack of ln2. Oh yeah. Was a great pleasure to touch this hardware again after so many years. Felt like coming home... Wish all of you a good start in 2020!
  4. 1) 9900k sold CPU is boxed with blue cube, delidded with liquid metal and resealed. IMC is very good, low volts even with 2x16GB memory. I prefer to sell board and CPU together. Overclocking result: Cinebench R20 5.3 1.225V (VCore Load) with 25°C water. Price: 600 Euro shipped EU 2) Maximus XI Apex sold Board is in top condition and complete with box and acessories. I prefer to sell board and CPU together. Price: 300 Euro shipped EU 3) Galax 2080 Ti Hof OC Lab Edition sold Card comes mounted with original Bitspower water block. Card was used for daily gaming, no benching. Price: 1200 Euro shipped EU Item location: Germany Payment via IBAN or PayPal. Please cover fees if you want Goods&Services.
  5. It's still broken (it seems...). I just uploaded my AM3-Score (AM3-CPU with AM3-motherboard) and a result with AM3+-motherboard and AM3-CPU dropped out. Did I read it correct that as long as we use an AM3-Board (Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5) and an AM3+-Board (ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z) both scores should count for stage 3 even if they both are achieved with an AM3-CPU?!
  6. Last bump? How about 50 EUR including shipping within Germany then? 😀
  7. I'm interested in no. 1 and no. 4. Any chance for a nice bundle-price? Can you say how much shipping to Germany will cost? And becaus it's not mentioned specifically: TWKR is in working condition?
  8. Nice to see you back in action. Maybe you can remember your ultramarin blue cascade built back in 2007. This baby still works like a charm and didn't have a single issue. All I had to "fix" was a small piece of armaflex fallen off. This piece of art brought us a few global world records. And it is much stronger than it was built for... Last year we ran a 5960X with a calculated power draw of about 500W in wPrime 1024M. Highest evap-temperature was -89C. Not bad for a nine year old unit built for -96C at 250W. Hats off for this masterpiece...
  9. I think this thread fits better than "please add motherboard". I noticed that ASUS ROG ZENITH Extreme exists twice. Maybe you can merge both entries?!
  10. As all others said: Great collection. I'm interested in some ABIT- and ASUS-Boards, maybe a few CPUs. Now wating for prices...
  11. Yes, it's working fine for now. And I'm happy with it because now I have the same PCIe-bandwidth like 2x x10 3.0. Better than 2x x8 3.0 and totally worth it.
  12. Better have something you don't need than need something you don't have. Therefore I always have more memory installed than I really need. This memory kit was a good deal with websmile and I enjoy it every day. I don't really need this amount but it gives me a good feeling to know that there is no bottleneck in my system. For my 24/7-system I wouldn't feel comfortable with 32 gb - let alone 16 gb.
  13. Sorry to sound a bit rude but when I want to run 64 gb in my daily rig then I simply do it. I know that I could hit higher numbers with less memory but again: I don't want to break records with this setup, it's intended to game with. I am running Battlefield 4 in 3840x2160 and 125 % resolution scale (that means 4800x2700 effectivly, 56 % more pixels than 3840x2160) with about 130 to 160 fps (only some drops below 100 fps). This setup doesn't care about SuperPI, Geekbench or similar tests. It's all about best possible daily gaming-performance with Ryzen. And I think I succeeded. I am very pleased with this setup and the fact that I can run 64 gb at 3000 with c14. I never expected such memory clock with my TridentZ-kit.
  14. Here are my current settings with bios 1001: There is one drawback though. If you shut down the psu or pull the plug, the system does start three times till the final post occurs. On - off - on - off - on. Additionally I have to say that these settings aren't very stable. I can run Prime95 29.10 FM3 for about 30 Minutes (18k, 1344k and 800k tested) but longer runs result in a shutdown. But it's enough to fullfill my needs for a gaming rig (I did not have a single crash since running these settings).
  15. I am running 125 with my 24/7-rig without a single hiccup. m.2 and 1080 ti-sli running fine with fixed 3.0 in bios. Only the link between cpu and promontory is down to 2.0.
  16. Running two 1080 Ti in SLI with high(er) PCIe-clock is no Problem for me, at least with watercooling. Tested 125 mhz (3.0) and 146 mhz (1.1/2.0). Voltages at "stock" (1.325 cpu, 1.0 soc, 1.8 pll, 1.05 sb, 1.285 dram). With one older 7970 dcuii I could run up to 151 mhz without issues. But all cards have in common that they run at stock speeds.
  17. I know that. My question is whether ASUS (or other vendors) can control them with bios updates or not. They already do it with command rate so it seems that there is some sort of control. But every change would need a bios flash.
  18. Thank you, missed that post. Just one last question: Do you have access to subtimings like the way you have for command rate (ie: you can set a fixed value in a specific bios version)? Or don't you have any access?
  19. Elmor, may I ask how accurate the measuring-points are? When Setting 1.325v in bios with llc3 cpu-z is reporting 1.33v to 1.35v loaded while measuring vcore with dmm (vcore and gnd pad) reports a continuous 1.4v. Another Ryzen question (maybe noob-question): Is reference clock = pcie-clock? Or do I misunderstand something?!
  20. My first entry in 5-ghz-lcc for AMD. 13:30.688 with AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE No chance to get I.nfraR.ed with this setup. When running waaza and maxing out all clocks at the same time 13:26 might be possible.
  21. Imho it's nearly the perfect AM3-board. The only feature I'm missing is loadline calibration.
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