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  1. Your absolutely correct, never used it before. If you think that makes me a worse overclocker you are welcome to the opinion. I won't even disagree. Just be truthful about what your using to cool your liquid, all these closely cropped pics and carefully engineered screens make everyone very suspicious. It certainly makes me glad I'm not competing in Enthusiast. Good scores though, I can't imagine the efforts you must have gone through to meet the contest requirements.
  2. Well at least you don't beat around the bush. Of course that is what they are doing, I don't understand why they continue to insist they are just watercooling. I'm not up on the rules for watercooling but I thought chillers were allowed for enthusiast. I think the video posted by NvidiaForever2 speaks volumes about how normal watercooling reacts to 1.6v on Skylake, it hits the thermal throttle in 3 seconds. That might be fine for XTU, since it acts like a slow mode and doesn't affect the score, but how exactly does hitting the thermal throttling in 3 secs provide a good score in Realbench? As far as I can tell, they will get their prizes because they fall within the stated rules, and unless chillers are expressly not allowed in enthusiast, its legal. I'm sure it took its own amount of tweaking just to get it to fall within the ranges needed so I guess they can be proud of their work? Personally, I find it a little shady but since HWBOT allows it, how can it be criticized now? At the very least, I hope that this gets HWBOT to finally make a class between Extreme and Enthusiast for this type of overclocker. Its blatantly unfair to the ambient overclockers, especially since as long as they are cooling liquid into a loop, it could be done with LN2 or DICE or even a phase cooler. There used to be a day when honor rules could hold but I'm afraid once prizes get involved it degrades into this.
  3. Wow, that video even makes me wonder more. Why are the CPUz volts disabled? As I would have expected your load starts up and hits the thermal throttling quickly, is this just a variation of using slow mode for XTU? How did this setup provide such a good score for Realbench if it hits thermal throttling in under 2 seconds? It would have been interesting to see what is to the right of the rig as the picture doesn't pan that far to the right and what the run score was. Thanks for the video though, I wonder if discussions about video of all runs will start up again?
  4. I think this is a great idea. I doubt I'm alone in wondering how you keep a 30c delta under watercooling at 1.6v+, this could be very valuable information since my phase often sees 30C drops in evap temps when running 1.6v+ under a 4c/8t. Likely an enthusiast league secret but I would love for someone to share. As for the moderation, the contest closed just a short time ago. It can't be easy going to through all the submissions, everyone can see the ones missing things from the stated rules but the moderation team will catch them and I'm sure make an announcement when its complete and the final results are ready.
  5. Great score bud, don't know why the hate. Just commenting on how some just can't stop the drama
  6. I love that, despite the entertainment value of the scores is high, the Real Housewives of HWBOT make it all the better!
  7. This looks awesome, love this embed function.
  8. Traditionally its been determined by the chip, not the motherboard being used.
  9. Yep. Looked at it briefly but I think this will work for us well. Especially for community driven comps
  10. Believe me, I wish this was the case. Unfortunately there is this rule: GENERAL RULES One overclocker can only contribute one score per stage
  11. Just need a clarification about the rules. The engine is apparently allowing multiple submissions for a country (US for example) and counting submissions inside the same series (just using the US as an example, both GTX 260 and GT 220 are counting towards the total. Am I interpreting the rules incorrectly or is it an error in the competition that allows it?
  12. I take it that no wallpaper is needed?? Old scores allowed? Only asking because without a wallpaper needed or supplied the issue will come up and old scores are not specifically disallowed in the rules. http://hwbot.org/submission/3021656
  13. This is a good point, does the engine recheck each submission when the standings are updated or does it do it only once at time of submission to see which is first place? The amount of point 'drift' will probably be minimal unless its a first place score that moves to second but it does mean that you will have to check and resubmit scores at the end of the contest if the standings are not automatically recalculated based on every submission during the competition.
  14. Will they be hard to detect.... Splave1, Splave2, NotSplave, .... Etc?
  15. We probably don't have to burned down the White House again but when it comes to wars with Canada the United States is 0-1
  16. Right, the generation only matters for cards allowed. Your country can't get HW points for a 970 and a 980 Ti, only the score worth more Hardware Points will be used, which could be the 970.
  17. I believe that is how it works, yes. But I don't think they are averaging your scores for that stage at all. Whatever your HW points are, they are totaled and thats your score, no averaging. The top total will receive the 50 competition points.
  18. I don't think it works that way. This is just how I'm reading it but I read it this way. Its not the best Nvidia cards for each stage, but the most hardware points. So it doesn't matter if you use the very best cards, only the popularity of the card matters. I'm assuming if you use a FX5200 and take top spot you'll get 7.8 hardware points. That 7.8 gets added to all the other scores your country supplies. The highest total will receive the 50 points for 1st place. But perhaps I'm reading it wrong as well.
  19. Everyone will be using the same cards so I would think performance would matter, the first part will be getting all 10 subs, when each person is only allowed one per stage. EDIT: To make it about a relevant stage... How does the scoring work exactly? Is the average score over all your subs, so a country that only subs one score (say 8 core in the Geekbench stage) won't be bogged down by the other scores and will win by not submitting anything else. Or will a country that submits 5 scores be ranked higher than a country that submits 4 scores no matter what the average is? Or is your total score divided by 5?.
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