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  1. Its semi-working, the board always sees the CPU as new no matter what I do. It means that it cannot save any settings and the only adjustments that can be made from the default are the ones that can be done in Windows. Lots more room here, but the board IMC gets flaky around 600Mhz and I can't get the divider lower.
  2. It is, the two scores faster in the competition currently are also using LGA775 boards, they were just less obvious about it. There is an adapter for running s478 on them.
  3. I can vouch for the modding abilities, have had several pieces of hardware modded by him all of it was exceptional work. GLWS
  4. I will do the same, but hate to go through the effort and have to do it again for s478 motherboard.
  5. Just want to make sure, but since adapter are allowed, I'm assuming that Stage 5 still requires a socket 478 motherboard? or allowed to use adapter to run another platform instead?
  6. The way I found the largest one in the area is following the trail back from bins that you can see all over my city. They are those bins you can throw e-waste into, I called them and found out where they sell their stuff to. Sometimes they are listed, but mostly not. But I drive around a lot for work so whenever I see a place, I just walk in and ask to look around. Mostly they are happy to, sometimes not.
  7. A little far to go for me, that one is in Vancouver. I've actually been to the Toronto location, at least I think it was a FreeGeek - same idea though a community based recycler that had volunteers doing the work. They let me walk through the disassembly warehouse but they turn over the old/vintage/obsolete motherboards/chips so fast for e-waste that there was only half a dozen retail boards there (most of it was OEM stuff). Interesting place though and great to walk through. My best/worst memory of a gold/metal recovery place nearby that let me walk through their warehouse. They had an actual mountain of motherboards. Literally, 15 ft tall of motherboards sitting on the floor that was being fed into a machine that smashes/grinds them into little pieces. When I asked the manager there if they have someone that goes through looking for valuable or retail boards, he just shrugged and said whats the point? They get a pile that big every day. A little sad really. Although I did grab 5 or 6 AGP cards that I saw laying around. Saved them!
  8. Wow, all those global and hardware points gone! Or maybe if there is enough complaining from top overclockers it will stay and use the honor system to govern it. Sounds great!
  9. A ruling would be great, normally they are allowed or at least when it comes to s370 adapters and others, just to make sure its clear.
  10. Usually you are allowed any chip as long as its socket 478. The motherboard isn't normally the defining factor, the rules are based on the CPU.
  11. My EPOX board looks to have died, no idea how, was working, changed GPU, not working. Literally 20 seconds between hitting power switch on to off and won't work no matter what I've tried. Perhaps its just old, and needs a rest, will give it a try later this weekend. Good luck guys!
  12. For some reason missed the entire Rivatuner thing. This swiss cheese memory of mine definitely kicks my butt every once in a while.
  13. I just want to make sure everyone is on the same page. We are relaxing the rule for GPUz in the screenshot? It looks like Win98 is the way to go for Stage 1 but don't want to move to that OS if the GPUz requirement is going to be enforced. Mods?
  14. Yea, glad I'm not the only one that thought that was weird. Number Nine graphics cards were the wave of the future!
  15. In! I'll likely be buying a ticket within a week, just doing some last minute clearing of schedule to make sure I'm free.
  16. I actually don't bench for HW points, I sometimes take them when convenient, but I'm not a HW point bencher, nor a global point bencher. No offense taken, I don't follow you either. I wasn't trying to belittle your result, in fact, as was pointed out, I thought it was smart benching. I just know how much went into that submission that strong did, how much binning and testing and mistakes were made. To me it was the epitome of mastering an category. It was one hell of an journey. I'm sorry if you felt your submission was just as tough but it shows what I'm talking about. Everyone has different degrees of what is 'hard' or even what they believe is 'hard'. The original discussion as you point out, was the fact that XTU was 'easy', 3D is 'hard'. More points must go to 3D because it is 'hard'. I guess my mistake was believing that what was wanted was a way to increase popularity of 3D through naturally increasing interest in lesser cards which would in turn increase interest in high end cards. XTU is worth so much because its popular, I thought what was wanted the same popularity for 3D cards. This was the reason I was talking about increasing HW points in relation to globals, not because I'm a hardware bencher. The 'real agenda' I was talking about was the idea that HWBOT should just tack on globals to 3D because its 'hard'. As you said its artificial and can never be fair. So I will wait and see how increasing 3D globals in relation to 2D ones is done without being artificial and without being unfair. No, I think it deserves whatever points the benchmarks popularity decides. Each benchmark is treated the exact same by the algorithm, that is fair. That is the definition of balanced. If Futuremark ever integrates with HWBOT and suddenly Firestrike is so popular that it gives out massive points, will you be arguing to change the 2D points to match? I certainly won't, if 3D is more popular I'm fine with that. If XTU or 2D is more popular, I'm fine with that. Right now, the submissions do the talking, more popular = more points, in essence the points go where the interest lays. I just have an issue when a very, very small percentage of total members that have a great deal of interest in 3D start moving this balance in their favour. I hope that explains my position better, perhaps things got muddled in there somewhere. At any rate, I've given my opinion, I hope I've cleared up my position, and I don't have any skin in the game, so I will let the powers that be sort it out.
  17. Aye, probably vice versa too. I still agree with this wisdom when it was posted when the original thread was started.
  18. Unfortunately this is telling as to the real agenda. Increasing HW points in relation to Globals would do nothing but help out 3D, since all those low level cards would suddenly become much more attractive. It will make Global 3D and 2D less attractive since they won't be as powerful in terms of moving yourself up the rankings. So why wouldn't someone that wants to see more 3D interest not agree that HW points should be worth more in relation to Globals? Or is it that only the 3D that give globals should be worth more? In other words, make sure those that spend the most get the most points? This may be true in 3D, since every generation brings new efficiency (when your Intel), but not so in 2D. Trying to take down gold cups in Socket 462 is as hard today as it was in 2004. Even in 3D, after a certain point of competition it becomes much, much, much more about the GPU. Example: This recent sub in 8800 GTS 512: http://hwbot.org/submission/3048348_strong_island_3dmark03_geforce_8800_gts_512_mb_74160_marks Its gotten to the point that cards need to be zombie modded and extensively soldered to make it into the top spot. Certainly using the newest generation of CPU helps but that is the nature of 3D. A ton of work still went into that sub. Worth only 49.7pts. Some have even argued that the level of 'hard' should count for giving out points. Shouldn't this perhaps be worth more than this? http://hwbot.org/submission/3060316_rauf_unigine_heaven___xtreme_preset_2x_geforce_gtx_980_ti_8917.17_dx11_marks Unless the argument is that running a couple of 980Ti in SLI on stock coolers is harder than the first example? Still this thread is littered with calls from overclockers that want to see even more points added to globals for this sort of submission. In my sometimes solitary opinion, I would love to see more 8800 GTS subs with guys have to add caps, replace components, using voltage regulations cards running under LN2 than stocker coolers taking down more total points. But only my opinion, everyone decides in their own head what makes a great overclocking submission, mine happens to be the first example.
  19. Absolutely! Get it fired up and post some scores! You have to be able to beat up on my Argon core, so many fancy Thunderbirds laying around in this competition that my CPU will make you look awesome.
  20. It is obviously not that boring or the group of us that keep grinding it out day after day wouldn't keep at it. There is something interesting about watching other people do it there are just stretches of non-activity. That is why if there was a competition server with real time monitoring of what say 10 or 20 or 100 guys are currently doing, progress on a benchmark, current high score, current speeds, current temps, etc, etc, and you could flip between any number of contestants or a leaderboard showing real time stats it could be very interesting. Watching the Hicookie Gigabyte stream was somewhat painful, mostly because no one has devised a system that outputs directly to the videostream. You are relying on the guys telling you what is going on, that is fairly boring. It would also mean that you wouldn't have to travel to a venue to have high level competitions, even cash competitions, since you are always attached directly to a competition server you could even eliminate the questions of how 'reliable' a submitted score is. That is something that I think people would be interested in watching. But first you would have to figure out how to keep the spectators updated, that is the crucial key. Once you get to the point where a spectator can see what the overclocker is seeing while sitting at home, thats when you will see rumblings of overclocking becoming an eSport.
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