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  1. I just want to make a comment or two about this competition, not sure if this the place or not, but here goes. First, absolutely love the idea of this competition but here is my criticisms. The stages are very, very specific. This is probably the thing, next to time available, that kept me from even participating. Strictly in my opinion, a stage like 6600GT SLI or a specific chipset on Socket 462 is too narrow or specific to get widespread participation. The stages have two different sets of requirements, the rounds only have 2 stages (which I like) but each stage has different hardware requirements. Wouldn't it be easier for guys that want to participate to not have to buy/find two sets of hardware? Not a huge fan of the staggered rounds, I don't know why, just it messes with my own internal organization. For me at least, it takes away from the round ending, excitement for new round feel, but might just be me. That's my comments on the first Season, wish I could have participated more but couldn't find the time to get it done. Hope to see this return!
  2. , Guess you and I will have to take on the world! Hope the stages are pre-tested a little more, or at least a little more orthodox, compared to the TC. Some frustrating stages these past few months.
  3. Wow, some of these stages are certainly controversial. Anyway, here is what I found with my 10 minutes of Google research, your model number seems to only be sold in your area, my Russian is.... limited. Here are two other G50-70, neither with your specific CPU... http://www.cromaretail.com/Lenovo-Ideapad-G50-70-(59-413698)-156%22-Notebook-(Silver)-pc-21743-855.aspx and http://www.flipkart.com/lenovo-g50-70-notebook-4th-gen-ci3-4gb-1tb-free-dos-59-422421/p/itme2y47ranmcgan If you believe these sites that particular notebook series was built with both chipsets, QM87 and HM87 so not really much help to you, perhaps someone that can comb Russian sites would be more help. Although, you may want to take all this with a grain of salt, I have been recently accused of cheating... Good luck!
  4. You can thank Powerstream Inc here in Canada for killing my 20+ day run on Sep 3, and I had almost made it to Batch 4.... I mean you only have one job, keep the power on!
  5. There are tons of invalid results, the moderation is going to be problematic. Even the GPU stages have old CPUz without memory tabs, no GPUz everywhere (maybe Everest allowed?) but some without even that. Going to be interesting to see how the final scores shake out.
  6. Such a tough GPU with this benchmark, took quite a while to find the threshold to get it to run at all, then it still borked runs every 3 or 4 time through. Probably mostly operator error, but thats not unusual.
  7. So what is the official ruling on this? Are Rage Pro cards allowed? Only MAXX? Only 4 days left in this stage so would like the clarification. Personally I can't seem to find a Rage Fury Pro, only Rage 128 Pros.
  8. Congratulations! Isn't there some sort of code you can write to slow down aging?? Seems you would have figured that out by now...
  9. You have obviously done much more research on the subject than I have. You are correct though something doesn't look right. I stand by the fact I only put up the score because it appeared in line with the ones that were posted, but I didn't look closely at the subscores. I will gladly take it down. In the future, you may want to start with asking mods to look at a score, give a reason why you think their is an issue and then ramp up to cheat accusations. Starting the other way just looks like sour grapes. I still look forward to seeing your scores though I imagine all that research will pay off.
  10. Why go right to the cheat accusations? I can assure you that I have no time for cheating, not in my submissions or my teams. I moderate them all the time. I'm sure the mods can attest to that. Catzilla was a bad choice of benchmark for this stage since it barely, barely runs on 775 IGP. Maybe its throwing up borked runs, I don't know, there are no existing runs for comparison. I saw I was higher than the runs that were (AwardFabrik in 2nd) there but I was using better hardware (Quad compared to Dual) and higher clocked RAM (important for IGP runs) so didn't see a problem. I have other runs in the 300s as well. I didn't get close to 1st place but needed more time to work out the runs I figured. There is no need to head straight to cheat accusations. You reported the run, the mods can decided. If its not valid, I'll gladly take it down, I'm interested in seeing your runs you are basing the accusations on.
  11. http://hwbot.org/submission/2755587_redwoodz_3dmark03_radeon_r5_graphics_23455_marks Shows as only R5 Graphics but is the APU portion of A6-7400K http://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/radeon_r5_graphics/ This one is probably mislabeled
  12. Can R5 7400K be added to GPU list, graphics for the A6-7400K. http://www.pc-specs.com/gpu/AMD/APU_Family/Radeon_R5_7400K/2272 Can't find it in the database unless its there somewhere. Thanks!
  13. Can we get clarification on ES rules for this competition? This always seems to be a point of contention, Is it as the normal ES rules of HWBOT that ES is not allowed for any current generation of CPU/GPU? or No ES of any shape or age or type?
  14. Okay, I see. Those actually interact with the actual program/code though. I can see why that would be banned. Does it mean that non-even loops will cause a sub to be disqualified? I know the current run I have has them uneven because I turned off the background program(s) to make sure it was actually running or had frozen up. I wish it wasn't so vague on what the rules are for this type of stage. A ten or twenty day run is a lot of time to have to rerun because of unclear rules.
  15. If there is a bug that affects this competition shouldn't it be announced so that no one is inadvertently (or not) using it to slow the calculation. Especially since it can be moderated easily enough, or is this the type of bug that is more of a hack. I'm assuming that running stuff in the background to slow the calculation isn't considered a bug.
  16. I'm fairly sure that if you get that bloody big red 'X' that it won't be accepted. If you don't, it's all good for submission no matter how you got there, speed up, slow down, its all good.
  17. The stage is still broken, still waiting on a fix for it. It appears the entire CloudGate stage is being added together and not adding to the team total. Everyone is in the same boat, it will be fixed before the end of the competition I'm sure.
  18. This is true, but isn't that the way it should be? But I think this is where you lose me. As K404 said, its all about psychology, since everyone in Enthusiast is in the exact same boat. To answer your first question, I would say they both take an equal amount of effort. Both are pretty hotly contested goals but the playing field is level. No one in EL has the benefit of LN2 cooling so making it to the top of the league is done using the small amounts of globals that are available to them. The only reason to add points is for added bump of pride of competing with the LN2 guys. I wouldn't say that I'm sold on your reasoning. My proposal was just an option to get the same effect but to make it easier to understand with a simple multiplier (which all overclockers undestand ). To be truthful though, I'm much more apt to say leave it how it is. I think its well understood that if you want the top scores you have to move to Extreme. If you believe that the low scores are what is causing loss of interest, or lukewarm participation then you should probably be thinking about splitting the scores posted down the lines of done under Extreme or Ambient. Two totally different databases, with everyone participating in one or the other. Or another completely different setup?
  19. If you are looking for RAM that operates at 2-2-2-5 at those voltages look for Samsung TCCD sticks. They should be able to do those timings at that voltage. Those boards and their variants are absolutely horrible when it comes to RAM, no matter how much tweaking I've done with the settings in the BIOS it seems to make almost no difference and sometimes actually hurts stability. Incredibly fun board though, if you really want to see what those boards can do you should follow the Team Cup stage that will feature a good many of those.... http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/team_cup_2015_sc2/2369/3dmark03_fastest_agp
  20. So they are separate cards? The Fury Pro is a Rage 128 Pro but not all Rage 128 Pro = Fury Pro?
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