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  1. or it might be issue of Z170 with Kaby bios, my M8H also started acting up with 7600k and mem clock above 3600 while previously it ran smooth 3866C12 with 6600k on bios 0018.
  2. I don't remember that Important! Windows 8/8.1/10 Allowed on Skylake + Clarification on Engineering Hardware was changed, which clearly states that 8/8.1/10 is allowed for XTU. We're talking XTU here, not all benches.
  3. dude, no offense, but why do you insist on using win 7 so hard? It's already out of standard support by MS, so no surprise that vendors (Intel/AMD) and software developers keep focusing on newer OSes, 8.1 and above, and this seems to be the case.
  4. I'll play with one too, got myself a Palit last week, legacy is so much fun now
  5. My ideas: - extend MMX to Socket 7, so that K6 can compete as well, at some benches competition might be close - 370 looks good, I'd exchange Aida to 2000/2001 with GPU capped to GF4xxx/R9600 (excluding 9500) - have a round for 754 as well, 939 is well-exploited but 754 is a bit forgotten - maybe also a round of something completely crazy, like legacy multi-CPU or Voodoo madness (with 1 stage for Voodoo2, 2 for 3 and 2 for 4&5)?
  6. I'll take it if still available.
  7. Well done, Bartek, I hope you push something hard in the near future
  8. Anyone has The Stilt's VID app for 290/390 rom modding? The link mentioned in Hawaii Bios Editing ( 290 / 290X / 295X2 / 390 / 390X ) is dead.
  9. last E4500 + E7400#5 for me, will PM in a moment
  10. I dropped him a PM saying you're asking for info, he should respond to you soon.
  11. Lots of useful info, too bad I will never have a chance to try it thanks Michał for keeping OC spirit of knowledge sharing alive!
  12. Is limit of 3 still in place? Maybe I can order some more...
  13. Anyone has AtomWorks from AMD? Looking to play with GPU BIOS modding, but apparently this tool is not publicly available.
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