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  1. Especially with seller's reputation on geizhals of 1.58/5 and information "Noch nicht verfügbar". I get the irony.
  2. +1, is the mobo exclusively available in newegg?
  3. damn! I was sure about it I already had my question ready
  4. Pot is packed, will ship tomorrow, gl hf seems fine by the looks of it
  5. phobosq

    Misc Various GPU

    Interested in 4890s and BFG 8800s, PM sent.
  6. TBH, anyone with MSDN subscription to his name having 150$ monthly credit in Azure could do it no connections needed
  7. Pfff, too cheap, we need to burn more money to keep the economy going.
  8. Thanks Michal for the poll, I could represent our country in it in the best way possible
  9. damn, I did not change it while submitting it's a HD 3450, I'll upload correct pic right away
  10. Z170M OCF visible on Asrock's website, can't wait to see it in retail.
  11. Will there be any tangible benefit for a user who is promoted to a higher league? If we consider it as a sport, we could expect something like that. This might probably apply to higher leagues. #2 seems interesting, however as Sam mentioned proper verification will be required. I have also one more suggestion - maybe everyone would be able to get global cooling points for two entries in a benchmark, one for extreme, second for ambient cooling.
  12. Well, it all turned into 980 Ti vs everything else, i5 or i3 it makes almost no difference in 3d benches chosen for this round. I had fun anyway
  13. Good score, now put B-die into action CPU prebinned or random?
  14. strong run, seems G.skill online qualifier is going to produce some records
  15. Thanks I had last 6 liters of LN2 so it had to be quick and no LN2 on GPU
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