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  1. I killed a Duron 1200 in 2003 when I turned a computer on with my finger touching the core. It burnt for another week or so.
  2. Z170 OCF sold and shipped. I'm open for offers for the CPU and mems.
  3. Just got 3984 points instead od 22xx on 6950x at 3400 MHz, new WR? will send it to CN later
  4. Wanna bet that you can't live without it and make a big comeback in a year or two burning all the money you earn + some more?
  5. You'd be first president in Poland with proper education but let's not take over the thread. @OP - take it easy, and play with OC as much as you can, if you have it as job/life, it might no longer be as entertaining as it is now better get a high paid job, so that you have a load of $$$ to burn
  6. phobosq

    eVc ordering

    +1, overslept my chance
  7. And yet I thought you quitted benching 743 or it doesn't count!
  8. Side note - with XP there is a limit in a boot menu, it can display only 10 OS, even though you have more entries in boot.ini.
  9. Nice sticks you found there have you already checked what's their max valid?
  10. similar here, -40 was around 240, but anyway you clocked much higher than me
  11. Congratulations, I had fun and I would have more if only I started prepping seriously for benching one week earlier.
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