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  1. That's a question we're always asking before competitions and if there's answer, it's always the same - you'll have time.
  2. bump, come on, people, help fellow ocer
  3. I have 8 of them and can confirm consistency of clocks, although TRCD/TRP limit on them is terrible
  4. Thanks for clarification, will abuse that if I find time.
  5. Has anyone received it? I'm still waiting for mine.
  6. I need to make some room in the drawers, hence selling: Asrock Z170 OC Formula - almost new, full box. I received it as a replacement for dead one in Feb'16, since then used twice on air - for XTU 742 2-core and DDR4-4300 on E-die. Apart from that it's lying unused, so it can go. It should carry full warranty as it was replaced by Asrock, no mods or insulation on it. Asrock Z97M OC Formula - my previous OC and later 24/7 board. I have a box and most of the cables, but mobo itself has one flaw - I wanted to shut it down with a screwdriver once, but shorted fan header instead the header is dead plus there is a burnt trace on the back side. This mobo went through a lot and was a very trustful companion - survived endless hours of SS, number of sessions on DI and LN2 (including mems) and finally a couple of floods from WC. CPU is sold separately G3258 - a complete random, early batch 3404C573. I used it for 24/7 at 4500@1.3 on air. G.Skill Ripjaws 2x4 DDR4-3466 (E-die) - good for 24/7 as they have quite hard TRCD/TRP limit (18 at 3600, 19 at 3733). I didn't touch them since Jan. They come in a blister, were purchased in the Newegg, I have a scan of invoice. Prices (including shipping within EU): 190 euro, shipped 70 euro, shipped 45 euro 35 euro Only Z170 OCF and G.Skill mems are covered by producer warranty, but all items are functional as described above. I don't provide warranty as I'm a private individual. On OC, you mileage may vary, I describe what I manage to achieve, anyway those items should not be treated as "selects". All items are in my possession here in Poland, hence preferred shipping to EU. If you live outside EU and are interested, drop me a PM for a shipping quote. Payment with Paypal friends or family.
  7. Just to be sure - as there used to be a limit of 4500 or 4503 in previous competitions like that - here it's enough to have 4.50 in XTU and CPU-Z can show 4505 or 4507?
  8. 5G OMG great, seems small MSI follows the steps of Impact
  9. wtf is going on with availability of those, are they really rotting in warehouses? Seems they are not out retail in whole EU. @funsoul - can you estimate your costs and drop me a PM? I might consider.
  10. You made me interested in trying to do it myself, but 19:59 is already a very good result, not sure if I'm able to catch you.
  11. Those settings mentioned can also be applicable to big board as well?
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