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  1. where can I find FM approved driver list or WHQL is enough?
  2. Thanks, I was playing with truncatememory and guess what - it didn't work
  3. I... must... resist... Seriously - how big are they (width/length/height)? I might consider but have to measure if I can fit them on the balcony
  4. Whoa, after trying to push mine at 6000 I'd be afraid that it explodes in XTU well done and do you have 2k backup?
  5. Strong run, well done! Care to share some more info on GPU - what was vcore, CB/CBB, etc...?
  6. Can you send me by PM the third one? I suspect it's the same core as two most obvious, but I thought I'd ask.
  7. Why don't we make round 4 even more interesting? In stage 1 there is 1, maybe 2 CPU models to be used, let's narrow it to Thunderbird or Palomino core to make it more difficult Cinebench will be dominated by dual Athlon MP (or modded XP), so maybe result can be divided by number of cores? And for 2001... maybe a clock limit of 2500?
  8. Thanks, I'll try the latest, I need it for 6950X, so F3y might not have BDW-E support.
  9. @stasio: is there an LN2 bios for Champion with 6950X support?
  10. There should be achievement for it, "survive an LN2 session on Z170 OCF", killed 3 CPUs for me, including one instakill on 6600k.
  11. Good job, finally ASRock supremacy is broken, but... isn't it a year too late?
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