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  1. So does VDDG 1.15v in the LN2 Guide mean the VDDG CCD Voltage? My CPU does full pot but every time must be heat @ -88°c get reset/reboot
  2. Every time under LN2 after a reboot I have to heat the pot to -88 ° c so that the system can boot up again. Is there a setting that circumvents this ? Some can boot again at -170 ° c
  3. This is always referred to as VDDG Voltage, but which VDDG Valtage now? In my Impact Bios there are two VDDG voltages VDDG CCD Voltage and VDDG IOD Voltage What is CLDO VDDP Voltage ?
  4. What is the condition of the Microcool Banchetto 101 Scratches or whatever Is that REV 3 ?
  5. For peace, I disassembled my AMD system plus water cooler and installed the Asus Gene XI again. Setting in the bios is now LCC 8 with 1.290v. CPU-Z on the desktop shows 1.288v. .... also all the time during the R15 bench. Water temp was 20 ° C Is that enough now? 🥴
  6. Found an old list from Hardwareluxx Forum Comparison with Asus ROG XI Z390 tested with Prime95 -> ASRock Z370 + ~ 45mV -> ASUS Z370 Hero, Strix etc. + ~ 70mV -> ASUS Z370 Apex X + ~ 95mV Back then I tested it myself. My old 9900K needed exactly 100mV. less on the Asus Gene XI than on the Asus Apex X Z370. But the CPU got just as hot under Prime95
  7. All Asus XI Boards display the same voltage. The Asus Apex X Z270 / Z370 shows exactly + 100mV more at CPU-Z. than the XI series. And I also mean the Z390 Dark shows 100 mV more. With the Asus Z390 boards, the voltage is measured at a different location than the Z170 or Z270 board. Z170 + Z270 + Z370 vs. Z390 .... ~ 100mV less That's why the CPUs on the Asrock OCFM almost always needed 80-100mV less voltage. But they got just as warm under Prime95. It was just because of the board's measurement point.
  8. No ... that was a different CPU than the one I am selling here I binned the great CPU @ end of Marh ( 03/2019 ) @ Suzuki ...nobody take LLC 8 @ 24/7 It doesn't matter if I set LLC5 or LLC8. In the end, the CPU only needs the voltage that it needs. And for me that's 1,288v CPU-Z @ 5400 Mhz @ R15 with 21 ° c water temp on my system ....with LLC5 And something else ... for example. the Asus Apex IX z270 push the tension up with LLC8. If you do that, for example. 1,30v. set with LLC 8 that was under load ~ 1.33v. on . What CPU-Z says under load is what counts....just before the bench ends Happy new year 2020 💥💣💥
  9. Not delid or polished Original Intel Lot ....dont must delid on 9900K My R15 bench @ 5400 Mhz is with 21°c Water and not with 2°c Water. And with LLC 5
  10. DMI is default setting from Bios of Asus Gene XI ( is connected with IO and SA Vcore ) LL5 ist better for 24/7 .....@ IDLE the Vcore are around @ ~ 1,325v. CPU-Z And under Load the Vcore droops down to 1.181v. small K
  11. LLC 5 @ water ...24/7 LLC 7 @ LN2
  12. Hello I sell my best 9900k of 10 pices Tray CPU R15 @ 5400 - 1.288v. on water ~21° Some benches @ LN2 All benches with old KingPin F1 Dragon pot @ Asus ROG Maximus XI Gene R15 ...6912 Mhz : https://hwbot.org/submission/4308464_ R15 ... 6921 Mhz : Once I had it almost at 6930 MHz. .. maybe with a little more optimization 6800 Mhz ... HWBOT X265 4K : https://hwbot.org/submission/4308462_ Quick benches : 7200 Mhz ...GB4 - SINGLE CORE : https://hwbot.org/submission/4308468_ 6853 Mhz ... GB3 Multi : https://hwbot.org/submission/4308466_ 7300 Mhz ...CPU FREQUENCY : https://hwbot.org/submission/4308460_ 24/7 Setting ... Prime95 @ 5200 Mhz - 1,181v. with Asus Gene Z390 Price : 700 € shipping extra .....only europe no DHL Express .....sometimes many problems with dhl express shipping with normal DHL Paypal via familie and friends
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