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  1. fester not number 1 raja not number 1 anymore... new number1...from computex gskill team
  2. -updated new number one. statistics will follow soon.
  3. this was my question many months ago lol. new board is worth waiting for....
  4. Top 3 gets this super board? This is the best competition ever.
  5. I think he's suggesting it be fixed when the software is run.
  6. its perfect timing! sandy was a beach! lol we have ivy now that rocks... soon haswell. @samendk thanks again. I lost my database so its cool to just grab your cd and get all the tools at one place.
  7. "55" guys... can you check for missing caps on your memory modules. I found a missing cap on my gskills. Maybe cap is not rated for more than 2volts rofl
  8. "55" happens after several reboots. At first its fine. Clock to 5.5ghz and its fine. Its still fine until you get 55 and then it gets stuck. I do one ram stick(i remove the outer channel) and its fine. (but cpu sucks lol) i don't think its a mounting issue or bending issue.
  9. I had the same issue, only oc_windforce seems to have a working board+cpu "55" is cpu imc not cooperating. tested on asus and msi board.
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