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  1. Im just suggesting. I remember writing 50+ reports in electronics lab[from electrons to components and applications]. My reports were mechanical. In this world called the internet. Catering to everybody and not just engineers is always good. Including abit of writing zest adds that extra "must read" factor.
  2. another review that has some color: http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=287
  3. lol @sin I like the mechanical part of the review but its missing the "fun" factor of overclocking. It's like you're subzero and just being serious lol. here's an example of a fun review http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?280136-Testing-GSkill-RipjawsZ-F3-19200CL9Q-16GBZMD-4x4GB-DDR3-2600-action&highlight=
  4. if its still stuck, perhaps try baking it. also perhaps ask MSI if there is a CLR_MEM pin on one of the chips that hold settings.
  5. Reminder to all finalists, get a picture with this girl. I know Allen did lol
  6. top25 checked... you guys gotta practice before freezing will update after my "move" cheers
  7. I was able to recover with swapping out cpu. I think its got to do with ME implementation. I'm guessing at least one team @ MOA will get this issue.
  8. From another viewpoint. Its not a sales project for ECS, but rather reaching out to our overclocking community. Which is "HC Approved"
  9. Thanks for the awesome support MSI and Massman@HWB. I'm glad you listened Cheers to everybody!
  10. Its a killer software. MSI has all the rights to share it to proper individuals. Thanks for the clarification Massman.
  11. Just a warning to some. Asus boards don't clear the bios reliably. Can kill cpu "00" "FF" x.x
  12. bad batch: 3570k 5.5ghz max tested on two motherboards tim was tested ok coldbugys @ -110c WTF notes: "55" was cpu related. Its coldbugging outer memory channel. weird problem. both problems existed on two boards.
  13. 1. Liquid helium doesn't not boil like that. 2. Liquid helium shortag caused massive price increase this past few months. I doubt that you can afford it lol.
  14. No better place to get it than the extreme community that is hwbot. MSI and HWbot are partners for a reason. No better place to get it than from the competition host. In the Grand finals this will be given to all the qualifiers anyways. The only place where this Unlocked AB is useful is for MSI competition and HWBOT. Simple as that. As for having it available for everyone, I completely disagree. You simply can't give anybody a license to fly a commercial aircraft.
  15. thanks for adding me :D freeze everything :D

  16. im having this issue "55" i remember dual channel errors sometimes when one channel is bad... so i tried 1 stick at a time. and blam it was fixed. but it happened again. rams are good, but I'm thinking VCCIO is too low(less than 1.2v) . imc coldbug i'm guessing.
  17. If you download the bios package from the website, the package includes on how to do it via bios or via dos. For bios update inside bios: you just need the bios in the root directory of the usb stick.
  18. It's not bad to ask. If you guys are reputable overclockers who want to compete in this competition then its only fitting to ask. I'm only pointing out 2 guys [you included], because its obvious. Its also lessens the complications. You guys better have pictures and videos showing 1.3v on afterburner and a pot on those 7970lightnings. otherwise you guys are just ranting.
  19. @MSI and @HWbot [basically this is Massman's responsibility] For all I know only a handful needs this AB. All overclockers that have attended previous MSI events already obtained AB. Others who intend to join, who have 7970lightnings, who use LN2 and aren't yet on the list should get a copy. I only see 2[iron and Kintaro] guys asking for this software. I'm sure there is room for reconsideration. Its also safe to ask for their team captain's stand on their members merit and credibility.
  20. but cpuz validates it... amd to be blamed? or is this another tesellation tweak? lol
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