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I.nfraR.ed - DDR SDRAM @ 273MHz - 630.5 marks MaxxMem


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Thats true, but this is same situation like we had with wprime. Old versions had a major performance advantage. You cant beat those scores even with better clocks. Dont know what would be a fair solution but as maxxmem doesnt receive any points anyway I would say let them disappear...

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I have ran it and the score is about the same. I think his score is bugged :(

What are you getting with similar clocks?


Bypass max is wrong here, but everything else is tight enough




Edit: btw, expert and venus should be more efficient than ultra-d/sli-d, but I don't think the difference in read and write could be that huge.

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Honestly mate , i havent made any runs at 260Mhz+ , except some very quick testing at 240-250 just to check the OS and the differences between the versions of this benchmark.


I have both expert and ultra-d , so i'll do my best to test them .


As for my opinion , kotori's run doesn't seem bugged to me ... but the pattern seems to match with my test runs(done with the expert board at lower clocks as i wrote before)

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