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I got reported

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How can i prove that when i uploaded my submission, the only rule was just submit the catzilla file?


February 17, 2014: update verification rules (after fix data file submission)

February 3, 2014: update verification rules (more info)

June 12, 2013: Initial draw




What should i do?




I uploaded that last year.

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

Agreed with the above. If the rules were changed AFTER the result was submitted, the result should still be allowed to be there.

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I thought we needed a SS on every submission. Right now all he has is sys pics so sure its going to reported (wasn't me btw). Erick your subs still there so until it gets yanked I wouldn't worry about it.


when i created this result catzilla did his own stuff. (I check the rules that time, only its data file was needed.)


thanks for the verification guys. I do have the card. Will try to have a 2011 mobo + 6core cpu to add more score lol! I can't put the card underwater or LN2 (no access to it either)


Will create my own SS later (for this kind of stuff that will happen in the future) But hopefully as GENiEBEN stated its not retroactive.

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