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Tek 9 PSC Samsung P5E3 Premium Rampage IV gene


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This time i have for sale this list:


1-G.Skill TridentX 2600C10D-8GTXD - Sold


2-G.Skill16000Cl7D-4GBPIS - Sold


3-G.Skill16000Cl7D-4GBPIS - Sold


4-Mushkin Blackline 996829 - This have PSC inside can do 2600 cl8-12-8-28 with low voltage for pi32m stock cooling, under ln2 can do 2666 cl 7-11-6-26 for xtu under -110, after that they lose estabilite and start problems!








5-Evboot+Epower - Sold


6-Asus P5E3 Preimum - In the box only missing the driver cd, i bought it few week ago and don´t have time to use it, i can ofer i good kit of mem´s for it! This is the best board for socket 775!




7-Asus Rampage IV Gene - Sold


8-Kingpin Cooling - Tek-9 Fat - Sold


I send it worldwide and the buyer pay the ship´s, i acept paypal!




Item 1 - Sold

Item 2 - Sold

Item 3 - Sold

Item 4 - 49€

Item 5 - Sold

Item 6 - 119€

Item 7 - Sold

Item 8 - Sold

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