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HWBOT World Tour Kicks Off! First Stop: North America, Lan ETS in Montreal, Canada (March 6-8)


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More informations on how to get to Montreal / the event:


Montreal is really accessible by Bus, train , plane or car.


By Bus : There are 2 bus station (both downtown) Main bus station ( Berry UQAM ) and Gare Centrale ( Bonnaventure ), the event is located 1 block away from Bonnaventure, so i suggest that you take this one if you have the choice.

Tickets and Info : busbud.com


By Plane : YUL airport is the only one, the bus navette is pretty efficient, runn 24/7, cost 9$ and that give a day-journey on all buses / metro ). Taxi from airport is about 45$.

Tickets and infos : hipmunk.com / google.com/flights


By train : Usually a bit more exepensive than bus. The main Train station is : Gare Centrale (Bonnaventure) and is located 1 block away from the event.

Tickets and infos : viarail.com


By Car : 6H from New York or Toronto. Google maps is your friend. Parking info available on the ETS website (section Parking): http://en.etsmtl.ca/en/Overview/Contact-Us

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@Johan45 The World Series (non amateur) is a competition that is only accessible to participants. Right now the detailed rules (hardware/ bench) isn't confirmed so I can't tell you what it will be like, but we are aiming at making it something fun and different from the usual (suggestions are always welcome here).

The idea is that as we are more events throughout the world, the World Series becomes a global overclocking competition based on Live events.


On the practical side, scores will have to be submitted via OC-Esports etc and outsiders will be able to follow the competition as for any other live event. (OC-Esports scoreboard & live-stream)


-> And of course this isn't mandatory, and only optional. So it doesn't put a limitation on hardware to bench at the event freestyle wise.




@tran You can come and bench what you want. For the Word Series, as mentioned above. It isn't defined yet. We might actually announce it there only to keep the surprise hehe.

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Thanks Xyala, that's kind of what I thought for the world series, that It would be a surprise to keep people on an even field. So just bring the best you have in other words. I figured if it was too hardware specific then it could eliminate participants before they even start.

I have a question about the amateur side of it. I have a friend interested in attending. They have been benching for a while but have no LN2 hardware. Is the amateur LN2 based or no? And If so do they need their own pots?

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I'm in too, going to make the drive up from the states. Very excited for the comp.


@massman, @xyala, for participants in the World Series, what outside tools or equipment are allowed? Modded drivers, stripped OS, tweak software? PSUs, coolers or other ancillary hardware? Or none, i.e., everything will be completely standardized?

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