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Gamers Assembly Poitiers - Who is going?


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HWBOT strikes down in lovely France, the country of great wines and French kissing :D




From April 4 to 6 you can join us for three days of non-stop overclocking at the largest LAN Party event in France: the Gamers Assembly in Poitiers.




Parc des Expositions

Rue Salvador Allende



Just like on the other World Tour stops, the European stop features three events:

- An Extreme OC gathering (BYOC Bench Party)

- A World Series competition (exclusive to those attending the above)

- A World Series for Amateurs event with OC initiation workshop (open to all visitors & GA gamers)


Two ticket options: (ticket sales starts on Wednesday February 4th – 8pm GMT+1)


BenchSpot – Individual LN2 Overclocking Pass: suitable for any extreme overclockers. (70 Euros) Unlimited LN2 supply

BenchSpot – Individual Air/Water Overclocking Pass: suitable for any non-extreme overclockers. (50 Euros)





For the French OCers there is a nice thread at Klan-OC page: http://klan-oc.fr/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=831&view=unread#unread


Another French link from the guys at Cowcotland


For those that don't own a LN2 pot, the OC-TV crew has a few up to lend. Look here: http://www.overclocking-tv.com/content/events/23456/need-ln2-pots-for-the-gamers-assembly-event-we-can-help/






Leeghoofd (BE) (will bring 35L Dewar)

Oldscarface (NL)

Massman (TAIW)

Xyala (TAIW) (brings M&Ms)

Trouffman (CAN) (brings horse mask)

Der8auer (GER)

Taloken (FR)

2ShEp (FR)

Mylth (FR)

Martin (FR)

Zyxxlol (FR)

Zwitt (FR)














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Hey guys, I am contemplating taking the car or flying there.


If I go by car, I would have the following route. Would anybody along the way (slight detours possible) be interested in joining and sharing the fuel cost? Heading out early Apr 3rd, heading back on the 7th.



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  • Crew

respect dude you travel so far to bench with us!


K guys MSI's own in-house OCer/merketing machine Pepinorang might be able to squeeze out some MSI hardware to bench on.


Is there anything in particulkar/special you guys are looking for to bench during the Gamers assembly ? Plz pm me so I can forward a list to Pepi. I might want to do the 7970 lightning



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  • Crew

Hey aerou ! This is quite long trip ! Appreciate the effort. There os Sebastien (vanseb) from cowcotland living in Troyes. Maybe tha would save you half the tripp.

Cheapest from paris to poitiers is to get the train : abt 35e . And you got direct from 0aris CDG airport.

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