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(PL) Some stuff: DDR2/3, REX, HE4870x2 Atomic


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Shipment from Poland.

International please PM about cost. Buyer is responsible for fees.

Payment only via bank transfer.

PayPal has blocked my account because my credit card has been stole.

And now they do not want to unlock me once I've received a new one xD

Private sale, no returns.


You may know me as wyjeba from OCN or hardwareluxx.


Profil: wyjeba - Forum de Luxx




3x2GB + 1x2GB Mushkin Copperhead (998773) 1600 6-7-6-18 1.65V Elpida BBSE - 100 EUR

Triple kit + one stick.

4x512MB Corsair 5400UL 667 3-3-2-8 2.1V Fatbodies - 40 EUR


http://abload.de/thumb2/dsc04105drjqh.jpg http://abload.de/thumb2/dsc041308djb2.jpg







UPDATE 20-11-2016

4x4GB Avexir 2800 CL12 Hynix CFR - 150 EUR


dsc05112p5uwh.jpg dsc05113bhutj.jpg dsc051145fuu4.jpg dsc051239wurc.jpg dsc051249tuim.jpg dsc05125bnu90.jpg dsc05126azulm.jpg dsc05127nxurg.jpg


UPDATE 16-12-2017

Gigabyte GA-2CEWH OEM + 2x Opteron 875 - 100 UER

I bought mb as new and it's look like new, it's clean, working. Can sell mb only.

Processors was bought as used but works well.

dsc05414lrs08.jpg dsc05415a7sy2.jpg dsc05416oeskf.jpg dsc05417kxszw.jpg dsc0541885s7c.jpg dsc05419rusoi.jpg dsc054207as90.jpg


UPDATE 27-09-2018

EVGA Classified GTX580 3GB - 150 EUR





Looking for more RAM? Just ask :E




Asus Rampage Extreme BOX

2x Mushkin Redline (998727) 1866 CL7

Asus Maximus V Extreme OEM

4x Corsair Dominator GTX2 2250MHz CL8

2x Corsair Dominator GT CMT4GX3M2A1866C9

Asus Rampage Extreme + Swiftech Apogee GTZ + MCW-NB MAX

5x Cellshock DDR2 D9

DFI NF Ultra-D

Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Toledo OEM

2x512 Corsair Pro CMX512-3200XLPRO

2x512 Corsair Xpert CMXP512-3200XL

2x512 G.Skill F1-3200DSU2-1GBLC PC3200

DFI Lanparty UT P45-T2RS

Sapphie HD4870x2 Atomic

Gigabyte GA-EP45-Extreme

2x2 Kingston 2133 Hypers


Xeon X5650 OEM

3x2 Adata XPG 1866 Hypers

1x1 Crucial Anniversary

Gigabyte EP45-UD3R

2x2 Supertalent 2200 Hypers

1x2GB Supertalent 2000 CL8 Hyper

Asus Rampage Extreme OEM

DFI Lanparty UT NF3 Ultra-D

EVGA Classified GTX580 3GB

4x Mushkin Redline Hypers

Abit IX48-MAX

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hey, why the lcd poster on rex is not working ?


This is the "main feature" of LCD poster :E Displays only blurred signs.

At any of my Asus motherboards (2x Commando, 6x REX) this item doesn't work properly.

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