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The official GIGABYTE Target OC Open Target Extreme 2 cores thread.

Christian Ney

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do submissions have to be with 2 core cpus only? so you cannot disable cores / threads on 5930k/5960x?


I believe it has to be a 2 core. I asked for some previous comps and they said disabling cores is not allowed, I think it's like a general rule for oc esports comps.


It would be nice to be able to, more people could get involved. I only have an eight core right now for my gigabyte board so I can't even participate. But I would imagine it would make a moderating mess.

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Everyone who hits the target gets 1 point. At the end of the competition (6 rounds), whoever has the highest points wins. In case there is a tie, we look at who hit the target the fastest.


So if you are 5x faster than Darkvenom in the next stages, you can still win :).


I have no idea why, but i thought that rules are similar with last year rules, so there is a prize for every stage. Seems I was wrong. Or I'm mistaken again :confused:

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i know ther ar some scores from me whit the bad background.but i am working on it to fix it whit same score.

no not photoshop


whil a lower or higher score than the target whin?


edit: have delited the scores whit bad background.


edit : movet the post from ambient to extreme.


and by the way my ln2 is gone :) no other scores from me thil next stage.

good luck for the rest

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