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Intel RMA question


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Guest TheMadDutchDude

In general, Kenny, I'd say so as they can't prove the motherboard failure took the CPU with it. However, if it did cause an issue, send the motherboard manufacturer a message detailing the story. They may be more inclined to help you.

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Still busy killing hardware, Kenny? :confused: I thought you are retired from this :P

As long as the cpu has no physical damage I see no reason why rma should not work


Was on a break, been toying with hardware the last week or so, remembering a few things.


One thing I have remembered (entirely separate to this CPU,) is how many dead GPUs I have :/



Not ready for LN2 yet, still months away.

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My "return" is nothing to do with my HWB break from the end of last year :) That was a personal fail Vs a fail in my interest in benching. I've very nearly had a two year break.


Also... the "success" of my "return" depends on what I can score Vs everything that has an e-Power/A-Power attached.


Maybe no-one will notice when I start benching again, though I do have a few to submit from some air & water fun I've had over the last couple weeks.


One thing at a time though, I should get this RMA sorted :P

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