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Phase change temp issues

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Here is a picture of this specific phase unit under load with a 3570K At 5.8, noting that its at -39 with load, I recently bought it and when it arrived I decided to do a test power up, it doesnt get anywhere below -30, which is... almost 20 Degrees off of what it should be at idle,I decided to leave it a day and retry, now it hits -33 which is better... But not what it was doing before, I left it another day since I was at school and it is staying at -33, does anyone happen to know what could be the cause of this? It was shipped a few hundred miles inside the UK, but surely the gas would be fine from that, would it not?

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It depends,if you have very very hot ambient(like 35 celsius which i have in my mining room) you can loose a few degrees for sure compared to 20 ambient let's say. What is your testing platform btw ? From what i understand seller had -39 degrees in load and -50 idle,and you have -33 idle ,right?

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Not a little devil, but this is with the temp sensor built into the evap head, I don't know who made this sadly.

I allways thought it was a LD Make 1.

Got the same ss ;-)


Yes, the sensor is on the Head. But you can Double check by putting an extra sensor between te socket and cpu. Slightly touching the cpu on the side.




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