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Required BAckground?


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I really wonder why people already benched instead of asking for the background... will make a note that results before 4.02 with background from other division are ok, if no background, they are not valid anyway


P.S. nex time we forget this please notify us before you bench, the background was introduced by request of community to prevent result rcycling, we cannot determine without it if result was made for divisions without it

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By the rules there is only one screenshot, the second picture is always added as system picture or additional information on benchmarks that require a screenshot by default^^ - no workaround there.

There is plenty of time to rebench, you still have a result at the competition, so no need for video and so on. Sometimes we fail, happens to all of us, and we do not make exceptions anymore after a lot of bad feedback for preferring users for long time now

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Time is not the same,in Cyprus it's starting to be hot.

My cpu was at 8 degrees ambient,3 am,i don't want to use my waterchiller for subs as i know will change me from enthusiast which i don't want atm.

So the conditions to replicate the score are almost impossible,hence the video.

In my opinion given the fact that i provided a valid validation link,should be ok not even mention the extra screenshot.



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An overzealous moderator deleted my sub,some of us are loosing hours for an result just to be mocked by 2 click,delete.

It is pointless to fight with the wind,better to retreat out before i get too nervous.

My sub had everything !



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