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Gyrock - GeForce GTX 580 @ 1370/1200MHz - 167519 marks 3DMark03


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Hi everyone:)


I'm really surprised that such a so many OCers are commenting here!!

Thanks a lot for everyone!!


great run....Congrats on WR

Hi Perica_barii san! Thank you:)



BenchBros san, thanks a lot!



Hi DomagojX san! Many thanks!


Great work, Gyrock-san!

Domo arigato! NeoForce san:)



Hi Vince:) This is definitely done by your Tek-9 FAT power;)

Thanks a lot!!!!


This 1370mhz-fermi rocks with sandy-boost :D

Thanks a lot! TiN san!


SB power for sure!

Hi Linuxfan2000 san! SB is actually a very strong chip for 03:D Thanx!


Way to go gyrock... I'm going to have to put a fermi with my sandy bridge to make some love...... 1370 core is sick.............

Hi steponz san! Thanks:)

You've got an excellent SB chip! Next is your turn!!


nice GPU takt! Congrats ;)

Oh thanks, RedCobra san:)


Amazing! 3rd place, congrats!

Hi Mia san! It's surprising to me too:D


Woww amazing power from a single GPU. Congrats ;)

Hi sys_twe@ker san, thanks!!


Congrats on 3rd place ..... Wow !!!!!!

Oh! thanks again;)



Crazy GPU!!


Congrats mate

Hi our captain!! Cheers:D



try 01 with this setup when you get a chance :D might be interesting.

Hi Splave san! I tried 01 with GPU speed at 1300, but it didn't help at all:(

I'm not good at 01:D Anyway thanks a lot for your advice:)


headshot! Congratulations GYROCK :)

Thank you, KAL-EL san:)


impressive, good work gyrock!

Hi Maxi san! Thank you so much!!!


Congratulations Gyrock-san

Oh! Our 3D master DAKARA san! Thnaks always:)


Great job Gyrock! You are on fire!

Hi Q56_Monster san!! Thanks a lot:)

This time, I didn't forget to unlock:D


hehe, very long reply:D



Thank you again, all guys:)

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Really good result Gyrock, you just changed the whole world order of benching I think.


Would love to see a photo or two of your session if you have any. Maybe a link to your home forum? And could I ask what voltage modification you did to your 580? Again a picture tells a 1000 words.


Keep on breaking world records Gyrock san :)

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Hi 1DAY san:)

Thank you very much for your comment!!

I'm sorry but I don't have much pics of my session. What you see in the results is all...

I did Shamino san's mod but now I modded only for Vgpu because I killed four of 580s and two of them died due to Vgpu-mem mod concerns. Mod point registers were gone to infinity:D, the original should be 2k ohm.

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