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Superpi 1M efficiency down the drain on singlecore


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I'm currently trying to figure out, why my efficiency is so bad when benching singlecore chips:

TAGG`s SuperPi - 1M score: 16sec 656ms with a Celeron 420

With Dualcore CPUs the setup keeps up with submissions that have more or less the same core and RAM clocks/ timings, with this Celeron however the efficiency is terrible.

Tweaks done:

Maxmem 600

PCI lock

Performance for Background tasks

RAM as Systemcache (large system cache)

Pagefile 512 MB

Realtime Priority

Green Theme

Low resolution and color depth during bench

Superpi files on individual partition

kill explorer

no wazza


I'm sure I' missing some major tweak for singlecore chips here, since there is allmost a second difference...

Hope someone is willing to help me :)

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@Massman I know about the wolfdale bug, it only works on 45nm though, this Celeron is a 65nm Chip, will try different BIOS versions anyhow, once i have time (maybe try removing the microcode for this Conroe-L from the BIOS would work?) :D@TASOS Subs are not increddibly loose, and as mentioned the same setup is way better with same timings and RAM clock when using a dualcore CPU... Hence me thinking it's an OS/BIOS problem...
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