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FS- Summer Consolidation Sale: Old to New!


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Below is my consolidation and cleaning up of my hardware. School and work doesn't allow me enough time to play with everything.


Shipping: Costs include shipping within US48 via USPS. Worldwide PM and we'll discuss additional costs.


Payment: PayPal, Google, Crypto, Dwolla, Amazon (I think), any other payment method I'm sure we can arrange if necessary.




Heat: filmbot

Had much more dealings over the years but Heat isn't as much of a priority as it used to be


eBay: bhpwner


Notes and comments:


All hardware will come with as many accessories as I have and can find.


No OC tests as it would take me too much time to test all and that is the reason I am selling. All have been tested with P95 custom and loops of 3DM for functionality.


Most likely will continue to add stuff as I make my way through the rest of it. Will post some "dead" items that if anyone wants, will be the cost of shipping or free with another purchase.


Please feel free to make any offers as I'm very motivated to move this all this along. Most offers will likely be accepted. Combos are encouraged and will include discounts.










Asus TOP 3870x2: $45 each(1 SOLD)

Asus TOP 5870: $35

Reference 3870 w/Zalman cooler: $30

MSI Lightning 6970:SOLD



Reference GTX 260: $30

Reference GTX 460: $30

MSI Hawk GTX 560 Ti: SOLD

Asus Dark 9800 GTX+ x2: $30

MSI Lightning GTX 680: SOLD

PNY 8800 GTX: $25

EVGA GTX 285: $30

XFX 8600 GTS: $20

XFX 6600 GT: $20

XFX 7900 GT: $20


EVGA GT 730: $20





Asus Z87 Hero: SOLD

Asus X48 Rampage Extreme: SOLD

Gigabyte P45 GA-EP45-UD3P: SOLD

Asus X99 Rampage Extreme V: $200

Asus Z77 Maximus Extreme V: SOLD

ECS A55F-M4: $20 (free with other purchase if wanted)


Asus 990FX Crosshair Formula V: SOLD



Unbranded Micron GTS 2x1GB: $30 Pending

Unbranded Micron GTR 1x1GB: $15 Pending

Unbranded Micron Z9 1x1GB: $15 Pending

Corsair Dominator GT 2000 C8 3x2GB (PSC) (v7.1a): $40

OCZ Flex XLC PC2 9600 C5 2x1GB: SOLD

G Skill Trident X 2666 C10 2x4GB (Samsung): SOLD

G Skill Trident X 2133 C9 2x2GB (BBSE): $40

OCZ Reaper PC2 8500 C5 1x1GB: $25

OCZ Reaper PC2 6400 C4 2x1GB: $15

OCZ Reaper 2133 C7 2x2GB (PSC): $45

Ballistix CL1118M.SG: $25 Pending

Visiontek 1333 C9 2x2GB: SOLD

G Skill 1600 C9 2x2GB: SOLD

Ballistix CL1118V.C8 2x1GB: $15



PC P&C 1kw Turbo Cool: $65

Corsair HX 1kw: SOLD

OCZ OCZGXS600: $40





6800k: $280

G3258: SOLD

3770k: SOLD

i3 3240: $25

e8500: $20

e8600: SOLD

Xeon 5110: $5 (free with other purchase if wanted)

Celeron 420: $5 (free with other purchase if wanted)

e5200: $5 (free with other purchase if wanted)

P4 2.8/1M/800: $5 (free with other purchase if wanted)

P4 3.0/1M/800: $5 (free with other purchase if wanted)

T7200: $5 (free with other purchase if wanted)

T5500: $5 (free with other purchase if wanted)

T2300: $5 (free with other purchase if wanted)



FX 8120: SOLD

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In and out from doing weekend family stuff but will have all PMs replied to within the next hour or so.


How much for these including shipping to UK?


Asus X48 Rampage Extreme

MSI Hawk GTX 560 Ti

Asus 990FX Crosshair Formula V



Thanks in advance


Line for REX right now. If deal falls through, will go to next person who asked per time stamp in posts and PMs. I'll work on getting a shipping quote for these items.


is the E8600 any tested?

Want it with the rex shipped to Greece :)


Maybe the 560 ti hawk too as I dont have one.


Per my note, I don't have any realible OC results and I'm not going to test for any as it would take too much time.


Picture of e8600 and REX. Bought REX in this condition some time ago. Still has Vaseline but I have cleaned some off. Copper sinks look to be epoxied on. Haven't tried to remove them for fear of damaging board.





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Would be nice if you can update the OP RE to PM's received for parts - Just avoids confusion :)



Also how much for the parts + shipping to UK MINUS the REX?


OP has been updated with current status of hardware. Nothing has been finalized as I'm working on getting accurate shipping quotes today after lunch. A few have removed interest in some hardware.


Please keep offers incoming because, as I said, I'm very motivated to move on this stuff. Even interested in trades if it seems interesting enough :D

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$460 shipped (in States) for REX and 6800k as a combo. Board is full retail, including OC Panel. Updating later with dead/have issues VGAs that will be cost of shipping if anyone is interested.


Also still still entertaining any and all offers/interest for anything else.

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