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Guest Wimpzilla

Did the exploit of using the Cheat engine to mod the scores have been fixed?


I noticed you removed the thread?


It was a troll/joke or the Cheat engine have access to XTU memory address or program files?

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I ran the latest version of XTU on my 8700K. Everything is at stock clocks and all AUTO settings in the bios and memory is at 2133mhz default.


I got the following scores, which I doubt are accurate. Either there is still a bug in XTU or the latest version is miscalculating the score on the new 8th gen cpus. Just thought i'd report this and see if anyone else is getting similar results.


I have run the benchmark over and over and the score is always around 2376 to 2411.


If it is a bug does that mean that all the 8700K results posted are not accurate either ?

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