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[Worldwide] PSC & E2140/E2160


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Hello people, finally getting around to actually listing some of the binned stuff I've had sitting around for over a year without touching. :P I have better chips, so I should probably sell the spares.

Prices are negotiable and not including postage. For postage, most things are probably <£5 for UK and <£10 for EU at most via Royal Mail (if you want a different carrier we can discuss). For payment I accept Paypal.

PSC binning details at the bottom of this post.

Disclaimer: Your OC results will vary, items are located in the UK & prices are in GBP.





PSC Binning

  • Tested on ambient (without heatspreaders) with ambient CPU.
  • Tested at 4/40 IOL/RTL (instead of 4/41).
  • Timings as shown (almost as tight as possible).
  • The Ripjaws had RP weakness, so dropping to 9 might drop 32M stable voltage.
  • The Ripjaws also required RCD13 for 2666MHz 32M.
  • The Trident 2000C9 have KO-8117 PCB.
  • The 1600C7 Ripjaws have ST PCB.
  • Voltage is as shown in HWInfo and checked with multimeter (both OCF and Impact overvolt above BIOS).

Stick 4:


Stick 2:


Stick 7:


Stick 10:


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21 hours ago, AutisticChris said:

@Noxinite Do you have any more info on these sticks? PCB?

Samsung OEM pcb.

21 hours ago, ground1556 said:

How good or bad are the binning rejects? Are you keeping any of the 1 GB sticks for max frequency? 

I have no reason to keep the 1GB for max freq as I have good MFR and CFR but I feel like they might be fun. :D

I'll make a thread to discuss the G-die (https://community.hwbot.org/topic/186190-samsung-ddr3-g-die/).

Bump for the things I'm actually selling.

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