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Crosshair VI hero max mem clock?


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Hi there.

Are there AM4 RAM clockers who are willing to share max memory clock achieved on this mobo ?

some days ago agesa bios came out ( again ? ) and I managed to get 3733 c14 aida64 memory benchmark " stable " on air with a random 2700x and gskill bdie.

but above that nothing even boots. 3800 or 3866 no go.

is that the limit of this board or just cpu ? 

3733 was fairly easy with 1.18 soc and 53.3 procODT with 0.8 dram vref but I struggle to go into windows above this.

with an r7 1700 cpu it was 3667 c14 maximum so we could say I should try to find a better chip.

Or is this the air limit of the ryzen imc

Or this is the limit of the board because of T topology used?


thanks for any input.




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I've reached 3850 C12 with 1800X and early bioses without additional dividers. It's either IMC or your timings, however I haven't played with newer bioses, since my board died long time ago. I think 11-11-11 was also possible, can't find screens.




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That is true, but Crosshair VII Hero is just stronger on memory like how Maximus IX Apex vs Maximus VIII Impact was, im done binning Crosshair VI Hero too. Just FYI, on AMD Rock Tour Competition here someone doing 4000 memory clock just on air which is almost impossible doing that on air on Crosshair VI Hero, even under cold (controlled cpu temp) i only can boot 3866 and with turbo vcore adjust it to 4000 on os with Crosshair VI Hero.

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On 12/31/2018 at 11:46 PM, Bullant said:

This platform allow you to adjust memory sub timings? Like this board or the gigabyte 5-7 boards ? 

yes mate, you can go into 3rd timings no problem.

b-die slow boot is not present neither in my case.

bought a set of 3200 c15 bdie will try out these during the week


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1 hour ago, Bullant said:

Thanks guys, from early post around I did think subs were locked, is nice to know it's all unlocked. I'll try this platform when I find some cheap secondhand gear locally

Yeah, the early AMD agesa was limited to the primary timings and affected all boards. 

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