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(FS)Cooling gear/3770K


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up for sale is some excessive cooling gear


1. EK SF3D Triple point Evo memory pot

One screw of a hs is missing, apart from this complete and working

2. 2x120mm Noctua fans boxed

Not much used, but they work without problems, accessory seems to be ok as well. Sell them cheap maybe as surplus if you buy something else

3. Scythe Mugern 3

With fan, box and complete accessory for Intel and AMD

4. Thermalright T-Rad with two ac ryan fans sleeved

With complete mounting stuff, was used with a 4890 iirc

5. Zalman VF-900 GPU cooler

Works, mounting material included

6. Corsair Dominator Memory fan


7. Titan Copper GPU cooler

Used this for older systems as chipset cooler, maybe someone likes this stuff which is now hard to get

8. Intel Core i7-3770K boxed

Batch 3236C171, Tested Prime 27.9 avx 4,5ghz 1,104v, 4,8GHz 1,2v and 5ghz 30 minutes 1,30v, on my M5E 1,26v 5g 4/8 2600c8-12-8 ram 1,26v 32m. In box with cooler

20181230_174658gai6g.jpg 20181230_174706dbf3n.jpg1746541033_5000-23770k-1_304.thumb.jpg.3c81a12b4a3342a6ae965714172ab735.jpg

Prices (without shipping)

1. 35 Euros

2. 5 Euros each

3. 15 Euros

4. 15 Euros

5. na

6. na

7. 5 Euros

8. 250 Euro sold

Payment with paypal (buyer covers fees or gift) or bank transfer in germany. For shipping, please get a quote, europe only, and maybe you can combine it with stuff from my memory sales thread

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I am curious about those results then! I have a malay 3770k l246c196 whose imc takes 2600c8, and that does cbr15 4c/8t 5ghz@1.285 V, and 5ghz spi32m @ 1.20 V (on 2 c/2t iirc well) :D

EDIT: soorrryy for the typo mistake. 1.20V ! not 1.02 v, that'd be insane... may happen in the 10th intel gen perhaps...? :D what is the lowest spi32m 5ghz voltage achieved so far...? 1.1 ?


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I have a 3570K that is LinX stable at 5000 1.19 and had a 3770K that did 32M at 5000 1.10. I haven't seen any lower, but don't deny that such chips may exist.
However, if you're looking for single-threaded 2D, binning these CPUs for lowest voltage is useless below 5000 1.25 or so. An ultra low-voltage chip will just do 7000-7050 at 1.8V instead of 2.0V and will be limited from further movement by BCLK limits.

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