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Noxinite - Athlon 64 X2 6400+ (Windsor) @ 4008MHz - 17min 53sec 157ms SuperPi - 32M


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Guest Digg_de

I've tried to beat some Scores with the M4A79 Deluxe, but after a Hour freeze while Pi32m was running and now Board wont boot.. CPU still alive. Damn.. :D

At least i could beat my own time with 50MHz less Clockspeed. I think i need a new Board.

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1 hour ago, I.nfraR.ed said:

Very nice! DFI is not the most efficient board out there. For example, 790X-UD3P is faster. Interested to know how much have you gained with manual registers tweak (if you have used any).

No register tweaks. IIRC I checked with Pmem and it opened, but I didn't know the offset to find the used space.

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Meaningful MSRs on AMD usually start from C0000xxx, C0010xxx and C0011xxx.

DCT0 is bus0/dev0/func2 registers from 040 to 04C, DCT1 is 140 to 14C

Low timing registers are F2x[1,0 ]88 and high timing registers are 8C. There are also 90 to A0. You would probably need to set DCT0 only and it will sync to DCT1.

Not sure if any of those would be helpful, since it requires studying the BKDG for family 11h 10h and I guess most things are already covered by MemSet and bios.

But it possible to have something that is not exposed and can be tightened further, especially the NB registers.

I am currently busy with Ryzen, but might play with K8 later.

PS: I was looking at 11h, 0Fh is a little different, but addresses should be similar.

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