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Can we reenable accountwide recalculate?

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A few weeks ago I lost about 400 HWpts in one shot. As it's unlikely someone beat that many scores in one go and I heard other people complain about this) I strongly suspect this is the dreaded hwpts rankings bug (more details here). It as been ongoing for months and hwbot is famously short on developers, would reallowing accountwide recalculate until this has been fixed by a reasonable workaround?

Currently it's disabled:


In the absence of a code fix I see this as the only reasonable solution as looking through 1,100+ submissions is not an option...

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No further comments seems you got it al figured out... Try fixing X265 CC subs, look at the hardware rankings. Current CC subs get more points than normal ones... 


Anyway it has been disabled to reduce server load as users recalculate their rankings after each sub... People even want competition points while the compo is still running... Sigh... Some want team points NOW even though they only subbed ONE single score... I get spammed daily bout this and can't do anything bout it. 

Something glitched in the last months and it frustrates me more than you guys that final rankings, hardware rankings and other things get messed up big time. A full recalc takes days and with the current issues will solve some  stuff or even break harder. They need to get it figured out asap... 

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