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TerraRaptor - Core 2 Duo E8200 @ 5144MHz - 13sec 219ms wPrime - 32m

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1. It is not part of the benchmark.

2. Going from SP1 to SP2 will make hundreds of different DLLs change their version. I can include proper file into os installation .iso - so it becomes not a tweak but a good OS selection.

3. Going from one driver to another replaces tens of DLLs

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1 hour ago, TaPaKaH said:

Isn't replacing of DLL files technically considered "illegal practice"


27 minutes ago, TerraRaptor said:

It is not part of the benchmark.

It's pretty much the same as changing DirectX which also affects 3DMark but is legal because you don't touch the benchmark itself. But if you replace the audio encoder dll in PCMark, this would be illegal as it is part of the benchmark.

Excellent tweak and thanks for sharing!!!

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57 minutes ago, dinos22 said:

You are effectively changing the OS DLLs...

Is installation of service pack illigal? Or using windows update? Driver updates? Updating directX, installing C++ runtime updates? All the above is changing os DLLs. Take winXP and check msvbvm dll version there - all different in sp0, sp1, sp2, sp3 (not taking variations between language versions that are there). What is the right dll version then?

Do you think that known Vista efficiency in wprime is not caused by different DLL versions there (oh yeah, not only msvbvm - kernel32, ole32, hundreds of them)? 

Finally, I think I can get 1st place without this dll tweak "cold boot + clean installation of windows + classic tweaks + demo stock dll version is in use" - but i will video it to an assigned person in private.

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1 minute ago, dinos22 said:

They are Microsoft supplied for that version if OS. You’re cooking with parts of OS


Oh, what a surprise, microsoft has a tool to update VB engine for Win95 etc. Is it legal to use a tool from Microsoft when using MS Windows? Isn't dll version 6.00.9832 Microsoft made?


On a side note, what about XP on modern platforms? Isn't it cracking into OS and its parts - changing bootloader, replacing drivers etc?

Isn't using nLITE, vLITE a kind of cooking with OS parts?


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