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You could get Windows XP.
SuperPi 32M is being carried out after a long time.
CPU 9900KS M/B Z390 APEX 
Memory 4000-4133  12-12-28-1
IO 1.45V SA 1.4
By a little information, thank you very much.
OS can be started with no problem.
When SuperPi 32M is carried out, 1 loop can't also be carried out.
Even 1.98-2.06 adjusts the DRAM voltage.
IO and the SA voltage are also adjusted between 1.4-1.45.
But the situation doesn't change at all.
I don't know what is a problem.
A memory, the execution of SuperPi 32M is no problem by XMP movement for itself.
5.0 voltage is 1.3V and CPU is fixed.

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What is happening after 1 loop ? Is Super Pi program disappearing or closing, BSOD,
system resetting ? 
Is this only when using waza or anytime you are at 4000+ c12 ?
Are these memory settings stable in other mem tests like Geekbench 3 ?
IO and SA seem high, I have kit's running 4133c12-11 at IO 1.25v SA 1.3v
Also is VCCVTT on auto, might need to set to manual and try voltage as low as 0.900 up to
Are these mems A0/1 pcb or A2 ? That VDimm might be too high for certain B Die.
Since B Die has been in kits as early as November 2015 and still in production, different
batches can have different requirements for io, sa, vtt and max vdimm. 
I've had kit's that will not run when using waza at all. Others that scale to 1.950v max set
in bios. Some that need very very specific voltage settings (Like 1.885v dimm, io 1.280, sa
1.32v, vtt auto only) to pass at 4133c12. Chang anything and wil fail everytime.
Are you using Acronis .tib OS from the thread here at HWBot forum ?
Make sure to try maxmem set at 600mb (edit mb not mv lol). Can check it via System- advanced system
settings- startup and repair- edit and add / maxmem =600 / no execute memory protection
if missing
or press Windows key + r, type "msconfig" without "" and hit enter and go to boot.ini tab.
Disable un-needed services - Start, Control Panel, Admin Tools, Services
Keep only "Plug and Play" and "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)"
Disable "Shell Hardware Detection" "DCOM Server Process" "Event Log" (Event Log
disabled makes boot slow)

I'll attach a few guides to help make sure you have OS, waza, eram, super pi setup right

1298171155_MymodPISetup.zip ERam SuperPi.zip 1840167945_SuperPiin2018-Overclock.net.pdf 1795343736_GuideSuperPi32m.pdf Super Pi 1m_32m Tweaks.pdf Klan-oc • View topic - [TUT] Optimizations.pdf

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Barbonet Wanted XP OS for SuperPi
    • Open toeram folder, double-click SuperPi
    • Shrink pi window, run 16k till best time (5g is .06x s)
Create Drive D for waza
    Start, Control Panel, Admin Tools, Comp Manegement, Disc Management, 
    New Partition>Letter D, Perform Quick Format
Open drive C, Waza. Copy Pagefile.rar, Paste 9 times (1.25gb)
    Back to C, Copy this Waza folder
    Paste to drive D
Disable a few un-needed services
    Start, Control Panel, Admin Tools, Services
    Keep only "Plug and Play" and "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)"
    Disable "Shell Hardware Detection" "DCOM Server Process" "Event Log" (Event Log disabled makes boot slow)
Restart Computer

OS was designed to not use mouse to run SuperPi, so keyboard only from this point on.
    ToEram folder, ctrl C
    Eram, enter to open. ctrl V to paste ToEram inside Eram
    Alt F4 to close window
    Move to RUN.bat, press enter to start waza batch file
    Press any key to continue.....
    After it finishes wait 90 seconds
Then time for SuperPi, shrink Pi window, run 16k several times and finally 32m
    After 32m finishes, Ctrl shift X to open explorer
    File, New task, type: "explorer"
    Right Click on bottom Windows Bar, "Tile Windows Vertically"
Now open CPU-Z Windows, make sure proper background is showing (for Comps etc.) Take SCREENSHOT


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On 3/9/2021 at 6:52 PM, GTI-R said:

Thank you very much for your advice.
Are IO and SA too high in voltage?

I would say probably yes


On 3/9/2021 at 6:52 PM, GTI-R said:

Thank you very much for your advice.
The DRAM voltage, 1.9-coordination?
The memory I'm using?
It's GALAX HOF OC Lab Master DDR4-4000.

What is happening when you try to run 32m?
"What is happening after 1 loop ? Is Super Pi program disappearing or closing, BSOD,
system resetting ? "

OK, is this the original batch that was "pre-binned" for Super Pi 32m at 4000c12  (A0 PCB made in like 2016)
If it's these or similar early type B Die with A0 pcb then it's possible that VDimm will stop scaling by 2.005v real or less
So bios setting 1.950 to 1.995v + depending on particular board
Or is it normal retail from the store and if so when was it purchased
or did you buy used here.
It would be best if when you ask questions you provide as much information as you can,
include a screenshot with all known info on hardware
or picture of Ram label, or better yet naked ram IC themselves

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Well real quick before I must leave for work... I see some timings may be too tight. Maybe TFAW needs 16 or more, maybe tRFC needs 240 but probably not
I'm more concerned with the high VTT at 1.0v and the DRam V at 2.035. Both could cause problems when running with waza
Also are you sure your max mem is set to 600mb or so. It looks like it might be closer to 2gb (1.87gb) if that is 1st run after fresh boot available real mem for me would say somewhere between 480156928 - 525156928 or (480 - 525mb) when yours shows 1868156928. Could be due to multiple runs and messing around in OS tho. Maybe try loosening timings similar to this screen to get a base and lower from there and try like 0.940 vtt 1.95 v dimm

1_895 32m waza.png

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Based on the information you gave me, I will change the DRAM voltage to 1.95 V and the VTT voltage to half.
When I adjusted the IO and SA voltage to 3.0 V and turned it around, the result was very good.
However, I am confused because I feel that some of the timing is different from the BIOS information of ASUS even though I input the timing according to the information you gave me.


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Thank you for a lot of advice.
We are trying to shorten the time even further by changing the memory frequency to 4133, but it cannot be done with the constant voltage you recommend, the DRAM voltage is 2.03 V, the VTT voltage is 1.0 and it stops at 10 loops.
Timing is 12-12-28 -1 6 -4 -220 -65535 -12 -6 -16 -5 -5 6 -11 -6 -4 -16 -5 -4 -9 -4 -11 -21 -5 -5 -11 -12 -4 -4 -4 -4 -23 CLK 14
M/B asus apex
Is the timing too tight?
The timing screen of ASRock is different from that of ASUS.
I would appreciate it if you could tell me where and how to change.


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Timings look good to me . Good starting point to 4133c12. Getting to loop 10 at 4133 is a good sign, now you just need to play around with different voltage combinations of VDimm, VCCIO and VCCSA. Like I said in the reference pic above of 4133c12. It will only pass 32m with those EXACT settings (1.895vdimm 1.3v IO and 1.35v SA). If I change VDimm to 1.900v it fails, change IO to 1.35 and SA to 1.3 it fails

Not sure what you mean about tCKE but yes on ASUS you should be able to run 4

Not much more for me to tell you, I've had many kits fail 4133c12 waza after trying everything. Some kits that can do it on one platform but fail on another 
Maybe try to set SA to 1.350v or higher
I''ve been playing with 5600x's on C8DH and B550 Unify-X and having a hard time passing 4000c12 on kits that do 4200c12 on Intel.
It's all about putting in the time and changing 1 value or voltage at a time in small step like 10mV. I know it took me several hundred tries and many kits of BDie before I  could pass 4133c12-11

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Hello, everyone.
I've made various adjustments to run 4133 mhz since last week.
I managed to finish the race,
The time is slower than the adjusted 4000 mhz
I tried to adjust it to a constant voltage as much as possible, but the picture shows the best condition.
The memory timing is also close to GtiJason's.
But the voltage and the time are not far away.
I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice again.
The room temperature is around 17 ° C.
Thank you and best regards,


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Something must not be set up right in OS. Your time should be 3 - 3.35 seconds faster than it is.
Are you using this OS from Apex threads ? If not I would try it. Definitely should help times

Extract this folder and use a program like Rufus to make bootable flash drive using this True Image recovery iso 
Add the .tib image from thread above to the bootable flash drive, change boot order in Apex XII bios
and boot to flash drive Acronis True Image interface
Select the XP.tib file and restore

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