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TerraRaptor - Radeon 9200/9250 (AGP 8x, 128bit) @ 439/257MHz - 12584 marks 3DMark2001 SE


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1 hour ago, klopcha said:

You real understood rules?

I do. So what is exactly wrong?

1 hour ago, klopcha said:

Then I wonder how you got rid of the artifacts at higher frequencies?

You should make vpdd mod (according to MS-8952 schematic - r9250 from MSI - RV280 has a dedicated power circuit for core transform (vdd_ct) and core pll (vpdd) units in gpu. Stock is 1.8v. Raising it up helps to fight artefacts and memory instability. Maximum benchable voltage for vpdd for me was 2.15v, 2.17-2.2v makes freezes in 2D sometimes, 2.25v ends with black screen all the time.  My Palit card also had that voltage source, based on L1117, stock was 1.88v.


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2 hours ago, ludek said:

I cant see anything obvious wrong in this screenshot.

Me too. Options field covered by cpu-z doesn't contain ANY settings affecting score (they are - demo looping, demo sounds, game detail level that defaults on low). The only option that is said to affect score (disable title screens between tests) isn't exposed on 3dmark main window. So it is completely safe to say that screensot was fine.

Edit: okay, sorry. Antinomy says that if non-default settings were used (z-buffer depth) 3dmark will notify on that below the total score "non-standard settings were used". Putting cpuz window just below the score could cover that text. Had no idea of that, never touched display settings.

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