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Today, it's SDRAM Challenge !!!

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Test Setup :


Asus CUSL2-C

Intel Pentium III 1 Ghz

Corsair HX850

OCZ Vertex


And memory of course :











Testing conditions :


Test1 : 150 Mhz 2-2-2-7 POST + boot windows + SuperPi 512K


Test2 : 160 Mhz 2-2-2-7 POST + boot windows + SuperPi 512K


Ambient air : 20°C

vDIMM : 3.4v


They will deserve 3 Awards :


Crap Award


Test1 Ok Award


Test2 Ok Award



Let's start testing

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I already have the TwinMos 256MB stick that is stable under SuperPi 32M @ 180 Mhz 2-2-2-5.

But my board or CPU is limited to 180 Mhz I cannot have 181 Mhz

But I tried outside so ambient air was ~ 0°C


This test here is with ambient air : 20°C



This time was 3-3-3-6 But I did 180 Mhz 2-2-2-5

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Very useful, thank you! Is 2 x 128 MiByte enough for the Hwbot 2D benchmarks with a slim Win XP or will it slow down the system heavily so I have to go for 2 x 256 MiByte (or even more!?) to break the bottleneck? The last time I used a PC with 256 MiByte was 2004 or so. :o

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Yes, 32M is likely the only 2D benchmark which might be limited here. Just thinking about a simple CW before starting 32M makes me feel sleepy already, hehe.

I've seen two 128 MiByte sticks which passed your 160 MHz test for cheap, so I think I will try these and look around in the CPU categories with SDRAM. Maybe I even have an untested 512 MiByte SDRAM stick in my closet. I can't remember exactly - have to look it up.

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Wow, that's a major collection of SDRAM! The database of what you have there is impressive as well! I wish I had the organization skills to take notes like that. It would definitely help me out keeping track of what I have and what it can do. But alas, I'm lazy and unorganized and would probably make most of you pull your hair out if you saw how I have have things so-called "organized." When I'm deciding what to bench, I spend half my time digging through boxes, or drawers or random flat spaces I just set things down on just so I can find what I need to get started. I know what I have, it's just finding where I put it is my problem.

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btw I have same sheets for CPU and GPU with the best batch/serial number written down, that if I bench the cpu again I know which one was the best.


For exemple here is the s370's Page:





ho and btw ''caca'' means ''pooh''

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SDRAM Challenge second edition!!!


s370 CPUs

336 SDRAM Memory modules





Highest Frequency @ 3-3-3-7 CPU-Z Suicide 3.6v

SuperPi 1M 2-2-2-7 150 MHz 3.4v

SuperPi 1M 2-2-2-7 170 MHz 3.4v


Let's the binning start



High Mem Clock

Test #1 Passed

Test #2 Passed

Crap Mem Shit



Will post results here later with full charts, specs and memory IC


First set on the way




EDIT: wow actually a 512MB module passed 180 MHz 2-2-2-7 SuperPi 1M

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