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Rauf - Core i9 12900K (8P) @ 6504.6MHz - 4min 0sec 375ms SuperPi - 32M with BenchMate


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Thanks! I didn't try RS1, only TH1 that I used for Corsair. 21H2 was a fair bit faster, but varies more as you have to use some kind of waza to make it fast. Didn't have to use waza on older win10.

Btw Allen, your OS seems very fast as well.

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I tried so many versions of windows 10 and up until a week ago I was unable to even beat the ambient guys eff at 5.5g. LTSB 2016 and RS2 or RS5 got me close, I even spend around 10 hours to get ERAM 2.40 and 3.0 "working" but saw little to no difference. Custom versions like EVA and ReviOS were bad, Ghost Specture was ok when using 21H2. Using the basic waza.bat that runs wahaha! then D to C 1.9gb followed by wahaha! and closing explorer worked best for me but without any waza was a bad time. I also could not get good times at C13 (Usually around 4333-60)  or CWL 13 at C14 and tested that it was actually stable on full OS. 1.4v SA and 1.5v TX at 1.7375v DRAM worked best for me and Dual Ranks and for some reason had stability issues with setings that worked easily on RKL such as tRCD, RP at 13 and tRAS under 24 and as low as 16. Round trip latency enabled gave 71 / 71 during ambient testing but somehow became 69 / 71 when cpu cold + Ram around 12C. Probably could have set offsets to 0 and max rtl to 69 at that point but didn't even notice till LN2 was on E
edit: wanted to say this board has come a long way since launch, I actually preferred mem OC on the cheap MSI Pro-A
         bios 0707 was good for SR and 0812 / 0901 good for DR ok for SR but 4200-4266c14 was about as good as I could get with them


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