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9 hours ago, damric said:

@Leeghoofd can you clarify? Can we just disable cores to meet the 4 core requirement?

The "4P" option represents one core per compute unit mode - certainly available on gigabyte boards, supposedly a certain bios on CHV, not sure about asrock and msi.  It was added because it's vaguely analagous to p-core modes on ADL (rankings like 12900K (8P)).

The difference compared to just disabling cores is that each core gets a full 3-wide decoder 100% of the time, a full 256-bit FPU 100% of the time, and an exlusive 2MB of L2 cache.  You can look at ths as the "P-core" and the extra integer units that normally share these resources as the "E-core".  Another way to think of it is disabling CMT.

I found a screenshot of the settings on a 990FX-UD7 but even cheapo gigabyte AM3+ boards like the 78LMT-USB3 have the setting.  Also attached are block diagrams (By Shigeru23 - Made by uploader, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17130259) annotated to show the difference.

Realistically a 78LMT-USB3 even being a fairly bunnyextraction board but with true 1 core per cu mode will still beat a crosshair with disabled cores.  Imagine 12900K with 4P and 4E-cores vs 8P...

giga 4P mode.png

4P - 1c per cu.png

4P - disabled cores.png

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