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Hi there,


From Friday to Monday, several members of JMax-Hardware Team meet to bench together.

We were 25 people, and we had 400L of LN2, some DI, 4 cascades and 3 SS. Of course, we had a lot of hardware, and this is the point of this thread : a lot of pour results have been invalidated because of hardware sharing.


I don't have all the pics right now, but i wanna show which kinf of hardware were here.


p1010195x.th.jpg 1004240.th.jpg photo0173b.th.jpg 1004237e.th.jpg



1004197k.th.jpg 1004200b.th.jpg 1004208.th.jpg 1004227.th.jpg












A little movie of all our setups (it was on friday night so some people are missing) :


Here is our french thread for this bench party : http://www.jmax-hardware.com/forum/index.php/topic,3821.0.html


As all of you can see it, there was a lot of hardware. We can give invoices for everything as it's our own components !

There is no GPU sharing for 3D benching, and no CPU sharing for CPU benching.

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Please stop saying that you don't understand why they have been moderated.


The screenshots are not following the rules, simply as that.


There is no issue of hardware sharing, I don't where you get that...



I can feel it coming so I will add that, there is no cheating mentionned.



Concerning sharing hardware, pictures will never be a proof. As I already said on another thread in another forum, if a team has 5 identical GPU and that one is golden able to bench 50 MHz higher than the four others, nothing prevent the team from using exactly this golden one for the benchs, and they still be able to provide a descend picture of all the hardware.


Unfortunately, except benching in front of a public or sending hardware to another team so that other people will be able to check the max frequencies, it is really difficult to proove the unsharing.

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I just want my scores to be validated because I'll take it very badly otherwise.




Cause? Sharing... There are no sharing at all for this result. All the hardware is mine, I have bills to prove it if it's necesarry.




What's the fuc**** problem for this socre...? I use WHQL driver 182.06 + personnal ORB acount...So What's the problem ? No subtest details, ok, but with Orb link ithink it's not obligatory...


Please, I just want to get what I should have ...



Unfortunately, except benching in front of a public or sending hardware to another team so that other people will be able to check the max frequencies, it is really difficult to proove the unsharing.


In fact you're trying to say that from the moment or two overclockeurs at the same team has the same hardware, it will be considered as "sharing"?


On a LAN of 25 people there are necessarily identical scores with all the components ...


Personally I just up the bill with all my equipment if necessary but I want my scores...:mad:

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I give you the good link Orb today...


For my 3DMark06, I ask that it be validated immediately. I bought all my equipment in view of the LAN and can not accept that you delete even one of my scores.


I had to close to 3000€ spending ...


You should calm down on your moderations NeoForce ... You're a little too aggressive and you see evil everywhere ...

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First of all I would like to say some words. We are a very active team on HWBot and we read every news annoncing some changes.


1/ I never see any news mentioning that subtests were mandatory. Do you have the aplication date for it and a clear and visible link showing this change ?

2/ Although subtests are 'mandatory', Orb link provide all the informations in subtest windows => Orb > Subtests. So if any one provide an Orb link have to be safe, although without subtest windows.

3/ The real problem isn't the subtests windows. The real problem is that several person complained at the HWBot moderator that we shared material. Don't forget it.


So, we will provide lots of pics / movies to show that we used our own material. If it's not enough, ok some of our scores will be deleted, but we will scan every score and reported every score without subtest including (I insist on that), including HWBot moderators' scores. We all know that some moderator are more aggressive than others...


Last thing, Anvil, you said some fair words on OCM. Try not to be bad in saying that we could exchange our graphic cards... Like you said 'it is really difficult to proove the unsharing', it's true. It's nearly impossible to proove unsharing. For the same reasons, it's more than delicate to proove the sharing.


I'm waiting moderators decisions but if a rule (subtests) has to be applicated, I want to know when was this rule mandatory and I want that ALL the scores made after the rule without tests have to be reported. I will never accept that this rule would be appllicated differently following members or teams or hwbot's crew.

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We can't proove unsharing, so others people won't be able to do it i guess ? So i'm right if i'm invalidating all similar scores of a team/country ??

It's not fair, everyone of you knows why we have been moderate.


Concerning the subtests details, it seems it's not really necessary at the moment, but it's just the reason given on hwbot. And as Jmax said, give us the link with the news mentionning this rules modifications.



In france, we do it that way : up to 20 people meet and try to get high scores together. IT's more funny and friendly. Moreover, it's easier as getting LN2 is really hard and expensive in France.

Overclocking is a pleasure, we do it funny, and all of you want us to overclock alone because of suspicious sharing ?? No way ! I prefer leaving hwbot than stopping our bench parties. And i think i won't be alone...

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Concerning Jmax's post.


I didn't know about the subset in ORB link, so if it is so, all submitted benchmarks containing an ORB link have to be validated or removed from moderation.


Except from JMH members I have never heard about people saying that you share hardware. Some forum links will be interesting.


The words I have said on OCM are completely fair for me also, and they are reflecting my thoughts, and so they are not going to change in the next days.


I'm not saying that you shared your Hardware Jmax, I just said that pictures were useless for this kind of decision. Read again my sentences, you'll see.


Is the brand of the GPUs displayed somewhere in ORB links? If this kind of information exists and that it is not fakeable so it will be helpfull in results moderation.

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the man comes messing with us and then afterwards he underlines that we are angry, pff, very positive and mature nature/behavior yes...


Wrong, I ask one your scores for moderation, and then all of you came on OCM to mess!


Do not invert please, I have screenshots for this if you want.

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Anvil, do you want us to screen your messages ? We don't do it because we all know there is our private war and there is hwbot contestation.

It's two different things, please don't mix everything.


I will appreciate, but unfortunately for you I have more screenshots to show than you do.

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Ok, I'll be answering the most important questions/remarks in a few minutes but before I start, let me say this:


1/ Whatever issues you have with each other, keep that outside hwbot. I'm not a kindergarden teacher, so I'm not going to waste my time with personal issues. This thread is about the recent scores submitted by the JMax team, not about any other team.

2/ I don't give a crap about what people think or say behind my back or the back of my fellow crew members. Since we have the authority (no, the duty!) to block invalid submissions to this database, it's more than likely than we'll upset someone. If that person has to blow off steam in his team's forums ... go ahead. Oh, and no, you can't know someone's true nature based on one quote or statement.


Now, time to address the questions/remarks.

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  • Crew


Your 06 score is not blocked. Waiting for your ORB link - I`ll recheck result with pleasure.


If you read everything about HWBot you should read this as well http://hwbot.org/hwbot.post.do?postId=1038

When you post your result you check agreement box with this rules

If you will provide valid ORB links - It will be OK

Benji Tshi

It`s up to you to look into my scores or my team-mates - If you will find smth wrong or illegal - let me know - I`ll block or check these results


BTW I will not start "witchhunting" or smth. else - Results that I block have incorrect screens - Nothing personal.


Expert Insurance

Edited by NeoForce
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- For 3DMark/PCMark: benchmark settings have to be visible as well as the subtest scores


This is from the rules you have linked.

Neoforce, could you told me if the subtests is a recent update or if it's the rules for a long time ? Because we never envounters any problems for a long time and don't see anything about an update.

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Yes, I also would like to know when this update has been done and why this important item wasn't linked in a news !


If we read no new rule in HWBot's news, how do you want us to know the changes ? Nobody have to read carefully the rules each time he submit a score.

However, everybody has to read carefully the rules one time and to read carefully any change (in HWBot's news).


Happy to see that you have nothing personal against us because I'm the 'team leader' and I see you in 90% of our blocked score of my team. Despite it, we really need the application date for the mandatory subtests.

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