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The official GIGABYTE Super Tuner Contest ! thread.


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Not sure why this is called a tuner competition without a frequency limit. Whoever got lucky with the best CPU will win.
+1. Putting some CPU clock limits would involve more people to try their best, and this time it's not only benching for fun but also GBT motherboards promo or smth like that. More guys involved = better PR efficiency..
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guys i am not competing for prizes so if i end up winning any of the categories the prize will pass down to whoever is under me...... so im not really raining on anyone's parade :D


I was just kidding. I knew my air scores wouldn't last. but I hoped for more than 24hours :). Going cold 4 days after the contest ends doh. Its good of you (as an employee) to pass on the prizes!

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congrats Jan, Fox & Red :)





and an afterthought about those that didnt participate in the comp from a wise man

Pieter-Jan Plaisier says

you can't get beaten, at most you can "not have participated"

"i didn't win, because I didn't bother to try hard"

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