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MSI MOA 2011 Thailand Qualify stupid competition, stupid rules !


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Hello everyone,


First i'll say sorry for post on this section because i don't know where is i should posting it, Sorry :)


Well from title thread is i posted " MSI MOA 2011 Thailand Qualify stupid competition, stupid rules " i'll come to share something wrong or something not clear about MSI MOA Thailand, I mean to MSI Thailand is not MSI hope everyone will understand :)


So about a month ago from 4th-May MSI Thailand make online competition qualify for MOA APAC final at Jakarta Indonesia to yesterday (4th-June) final of competition, well it have alot of not be clear or obvious then let to see what happen about it


The competition have two choice for compete


1. X58 platform

2. P55 platform


both of platform we'll submit two benchmark for Super Pi32M and 3Dmark vantage and overclocker can join both platform or select one platform, The champions from X58 and P55 will join to MOA APAC Final


Time for compete..


Super Pi 32M 4th May - 21th May ( X58, P55 submit)

Vantage 22th May - 4th June ( X58, P55 submit)


General rules like are open competition can used any brand of hardware and can mod, used LN2 and everything look like not any offbeat about it but some details of rule make a big problem


- All contestant will use same all component or device for two round on SuperPi 32M and Vantage, example can't replace hardware like PCI gfx on Pi32M and on Vantage for GTX580 and need screen shot for submit score and need CPUZ screen - CPU,Mem,Mobo,SPD, everything it looking OKay but they don't need CPUZ Validation ! so how we'll check is no one using other card for next round on Vantage battle ? :down:


- After end of SuperPi 32M compete 21th May, MSI Thailand crew they don't posting any results or announced anything only come to post is " we will announced champions on SuperPi 32M round next week " so why waiting long time for announced results or maybe they will waiting for someone submit more results after date line because we have one way for submit score by send our result via email to MSI Thailand crew no need for posted on forums for the results, well it not be clear and i think it very stupid ideal :shrug:


- For Vantage compete first time of rules they post only single card and not say only single or multi gpu will allowed and for physx to not tell is not allowed too but after i asking about this they changed to Single PGU only and PhysX not allowed it okay about this matter and i introduce more about submit score is should use ORB link get together and they ok too, so everything looking ok right ! No! .....


After competition start have someone submit score or result with cheat score his not using Mipmap but his using GPU Booster to edit or mod gfx driver and his result P45034 (http://3dmark.com/3dmv/3167319) with single GPU, stock cooling gpu clock 732MHz from GTX570, CPU i7 860@4GHz !!! well...well...well that huge World record for single GPU :eek: and everyone should to know MSI Thailand they allowed that score too ! :cool: it very idiotic of MSI Thailand crew, i don't know what they thinking ? :down:


- and again for after date line of Vantage round it end of yesterday (4th June) MSI Thailand crew come to announced is will post or announced all results next week and announced who are winners or champions on next week too, so what happen again why they don't show all submit or all results from all contestant to public or maybe they should announced are not official but not any update ! look like they wait for something or someone ? :down:


:confused: So from all i posted here i can say or can confirm it all really it not post for discredit to MSI but i need to share everyone know what happen for MOA Thailand 2011 qualify on now and i don't understand to MSI Thailand crew what his thinking but on my mind i think crew is take care this competition on Thailand his not have any skill on overclocking or maybe don't know anything about overclocking, hope everyone here will understand to me ;)


btw. you can to check or to see everything is i say or tell you from this link on OCZone forums >> HERE << and maybe you can try to use google translate for little help you more understand because it a Thai language only and for more details about GPU Booster you can checking >> HERE << :P:


Best Regards


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Well... about GPU Boots software he make it with him self and they have two choice to using, first his have GUI for running it and second his can run .bat file with command


So i'll try to use his software for learning how it working and i'll to sharing for all method again




Hmm... for now the event have more problem again with some results from some contestant, he already send his result to MSI crew before dead line of competition but after that MSI crew come to tell they don't any received email from him ?


on my mind about this... i think MSI crew already received that result but they did look like not received because final results it better over somebody if they update the second place now will drop down to third place


For more problem about price from competition, everyone know MSI make competition to section for compete are X58 platform and P55 platform and per section have two round for compete by Spi 32M & Vantage and price have separate between section for X58 and P55 but.... now they come to post one person will only received one price from all ! so what happen ?


one person for one price only even you will win from two section ! that mean if you join in two section X58 and P55 and then you won some place from X58 and P55 you should be got two price right ? because it separate between X58 and P55, so now if you won some place 1st 2nd or 3rd on X58 and P55 you'll only got one price only ! WTF



btw. Thank you Massman for help to ask to FM and thanks to everyone for your time to reading this thread




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Hey guys,


I cross checked his result file with our database and all scores are obviously too high for the detected components (about twice what you'd expect).


It probably messes with the system clocks in some way as approximately the same score boost is seen in both GPU and CPU scores, but not sure what the exact behavior of this GPU Booster is.


We're currently looking into ways of automatically detecting this cheat. Any information that helps implementing detection to stop this kind of cheating at the doorstep is helpful and can be emailed directly to me at pasi(at)futuremark.com .


Goes to show that all serious OC competitions should involve a manual check of the winning scores against the detected components like HWBot and Futuremark competitions do.

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Now everything feel clearly after have discussed with MSI Taiwan yesterday.


First about Vantage score after Feturemark has disallowed it and already block that score and MSI accept with it too and well for now i have final answer from MSI for explain


- According to the rule that the champion of each contest will be invited to join MOA 2011 APAC Fianl; however, if one contestant wins the champion in both X58 and P55 chipset contest, he/she has the right to select one person as his/her partner to participate in MOA 2011 APAC Final which will be held in Indonesia.


- The official scoring result will be announced by MSI on June 9th 2011, any other announcements or results which are not published by MSI will not be treated as final or correct statements/results.

This is to avoid any possibility of unnecessary conflicts or faulty information of the competition.


- Regarding to the prize rule, the X58 and P55 chipset are treated as individual chipset contest and each contest has its own prize.

Thus, if one contestant wins in both chipset(X58 and P55) contests, he/she has the rights to obtain the prizes from both contests. (3 prizes for each chipset contest; total 6 prizes)



So everything look like okay on now and hope everyone will understand too and i'll say sorry to MSI if has something wrong or misunderstood and thank you for your calling to me for every details to help our understand together and finally thank you to everyone for you time to looking and help




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