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Idea about submission speed

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My thoughts might not be shared by the majority here, but i'll put the idea out there anyway.



Would HWbot consider putting a limitation in place so a user can only upload one score for a particular hardware category and bench every.... e.g. 48 hours?



It's to reduce the immediate use of backups.


My opinion: uploading a backup the moment someone beats your score is, IMHO, nothing more than disrespectful to the work the other guy put in.


Of course, it's impossible to check if someone is submitting their best score from a session, but this would at least mean someone can enjoy the ranking they have EARNED for a couple days



Maybe it could be split between hardware and global scores, if people think it's a natural part of the competition for Global No.1/2/3/etc scores?






Just realised this will make NO difference if a score stands for a while before it is beaten. Urgh. noob.



Rule for top 5 scores? If a users score is beaten, a new result cannot be uploaded within 48 hours of the better score?

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Well, if you do this in competitions you'll more or less get NO submissions during the last two days, and then a shitload near the end. Is that what we want?


I still don't see why backups are so bad... we all know that it's an advantage to know what score you have to beat, but shouldn't we rather reward people who push their systems to their limits instead of calling it a day once they've got the top spot by a small margin? The way it is now you kinda have to push hard even after you've got a record as there is a risk of someone posting backups a little later.

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it just means...your score you cheered and jumped for joy and gave big high fives around was really....not the top dog score.:D


so if you put up a wr score today, but i havent submitted one i had for 5 days...and decide to put it up now..

1: is that a backup?

2: or your cheering a wr you never really had to begin with (which becomes a whole nother story) since mine is dated 5 days before yours?


just asking questions here...:)

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Question #2 reminds me of something Andre mentioned before. Is a WR really a WR if it's not published? Or, in other words, if you have the highest score, but don't show it to anyone, can you claim the title for highest score?


I'd say no to that question. Records are only records when they're published in public.

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true. so why the complaining about only having it for 30 seconds..:D

if one wants to gloat...then they had better make it a damn good one.


so why should someone be obligated to post the second they run it? and considering it takes for ever and a day to submit some times. :D that they get put on the back burner...

if i already have the high score...why do i need to post anything higher? because some one else says so? that's a bit ridiculous. then i can only post once every 48 hrs? then people would have a ton of backs ups. :D


but, people do that all the time..."oh, i got a higher run but i have to find it and post it (when all along they are just sitting on it or them)" is this not the same thing?

not here to make waves...just throwing a few things out there.

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i think this is a good idea...also for competitions..


It does work well in competition.


We are trying something similar to this in the OCN competitions atm. It's made up of laps (rounds) that last from 2 to 7 days and there are points for each lap, The randomness of the lap times and the fact points are awarded from the get go rather than just the end almost completely eliminates sandbagging/backups.


Problems being it's harder for people to understand ( Hwbot definitely doesn't need to get more complicated )and a lower amount of participants since people see a higher level of competition at the start and don't want to bother. Which isn't always such a bad thing as it seems to end up much closer at the end with all chips on the table and better scores all round.


Makes it more of a race than a chess game. Don't think it could be tailored to the hwbot rankings without becoming inconvenient. Sandbagging is part of the game, just not a fun part.

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